Trump Claims Charges Against Hunter Biden Are a “Charade”

Trump’s comments followed a Thursday Washington Post story, stating federal officials “accumulated sufficient proof” to accuse Hunter Biden of tax violations and a misdemeanor involving a firearm.

Accusations Are a Distraction

Trump cautioned, though, that any accusations against Hunter would just serve as a distraction to keep him out of trouble for the alleged offenses linked to his laptop.

Trump added, “Will they genuinely take action and make the Bidens answerable, or is this all a ruse to keep me, America First, and the make America great again campaign in the crosshairs? I’m not sure.”

The treatment of Hunter Biden’s criminal case, according to Trump, constituted “prosecutorial malpractice” by federal law enforcement.

He argued in order to appear more “fair,” prosecutors may file those lesser charges against Hunter while still targeting him and his followers.


“I believe they have little reason to do this. I believe they are targeting us and by leveling a few accusations against Hunter, they attempt to make it appear more reasonable.”

“You finally understand what’s going on. It’s shameful. What is taking place in this nation is prosecutorial malpractice. The citizens of this nation won’t accept it.”

Then, Trump talked about the Democrats’ preoccupation with looking into him and his family. “Think about this. They have been pursuing me for the past six years,” Trump stated.

“It’s unmatched by anything else. It’s a shame,” Trump continued.

“You know, all they do is keep researching the Russia hoax, instead of concentrating on our nation, focusing on all the difficulties ahead, and reflecting on all the possibilities that we possess as a country.”

Trump Unfairly Targeted

“It appears to just be coming around, doesn’t it, revealing they were the ones who negotiated with Russia to produce the bogus document, the phony dossier, along with all of the things that they’ve done, the offenses that they’ve committed.”

“It’s a shame,” Trump added.

“It’s obvious they’re targeting me because I stand up for you and for America. They’re unfamiliar with that because they don’t like people standing up for America,” Trump continued.

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Laurence Fox (The Professor, Victoria, Inspector Lewis, and the Madman), Gina Carano (Deadpool, Heist, The Mandalorian), and John James (Dynasty) star in the movie, which was directed by Robert Davi (License to Kill, Die Hard, Goonies).

Joe Biden is played by John James. Hunter Biden is portrayed by Laurence Fox. It was created by the Unreported Story Society’s Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney (Gosnell, FBI Lovebirds: Undercovers).

On, the movie is currently accessible for both streaming and downloading. Nearly five million people have watched the teaser on social media.This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.