Trump Confident He’d Beat DeSantis in a Primary

As the presidential election of 2024 approaches, Republicans are considering two candidates who could square off in the primary. 

60 percent of Republican voters say former President Trump should continue to represent the party.

In comparison, only 34 percent believe the party must go in a new direction. In contrast, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ popularity recently increased, catching Trump’s attention. 

“I don’t know if Ron is running for president and I didn’t ask him.” In an interview with the New Yorker, Trump stated, “I believe I would win.” 

DeSantis’ Growing Recognition

DeSantis gained national recognition for his reaction to the COVID-19 disease outbreak in 2020.

Florida was one of the first states to open up amid the virus’ propagation. DeSantis fashioned himself as the anti-Anthony Fauci by rejecting a strong government reaction. 

Recent events increased interest in DeSantis as a frontrunner for the 2024 presidential election. Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted his approval for the Florida governor’s 2024 run and DeSantis welcomed public backing from “African Americans.” 

DeSantis has repeatedly denied rumors that he will run for president in 2024, but has not dismissed the possibility. Rather, the Florida governor stated he is “focused on 2022.” 

Since departing the White House in January 2021, Trump has hinted at a 2024 run.

In Nashville, Tennessee, at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s “Road to Majority” meeting, Trump asked the audience, “The next Republican president? I wanted to know who that would be. Is anyone interested in me running for president?”

The crowd responded with a thunderous ovation. 

The DoJ, which is undertaking its own inquiry into the Capitol incident, has been observing the proceedings. It could be poised to indict the past president, depending on the outcome of its inquiry. 

The previous week, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) told Business Insider, “I hope Donald Trump runs again.”

Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) has also commended Trump for “a terrific four years” and stated he “should do it again.” 

Not All For Trump

Trump does not enjoy widespread support within the Republican Party. Trump’s opponents may view DeSantis as a suitable successor. 

“Trump is not such a person. He lacks the qualifications to win such a transformative election.”

Retired Attorney General Bill Barr said in early June, “He may have been historically essential. I give him full credit for halting the liberal march that occurred during the Obama administration and jeopardized the country going ahead with Hillary Clinton.” 

According to a June poll conducted at the Western Conservative Conference in Aurora, Colorado, 71 percent of respondents supported DeSantis running for president in 2024, while 67 percent supported Trump.

In April, Rasmussen Research reported that 40% of Republican respondents believed Trump would win a race, as opposed to 22% who favored DeSantis. 

It remains to be seen whether DeSantis runs for president in 2024.