Trump Cooks Up Some Friendly Fire at Waco Rally, Goes After DeSantis

We already knew that Trump wasn’t one to hold back when it comes to politics. This time, he’s decided no one will be spared, not even his comrades from the GOP, as he tore into Florida Gov. DeSantis at the Waco rally.

The former president decided to criticize DeSantis for a number of things, ranging from healthcare to the way he’d handled the COVID-19 pandemic, even though Florida was one of the few states to have made a rational response to it.

Trump claims DeSantis begged him to endorse his campaign with tears in his eyes

However, Trump decided no one is getting spared. He claimed DeSantis even begged for his endorsement at one point, with tears running down his face; although there’s not a source who can confirm this.

This wasn’t the first time Trump decided to go off on a limb. Several other conservative figures were slandered by him in the past. While he has no bad intentions every so often, it was pretty obvious why he’s going after DeSantis this time around.

Trump claimed he was initially approached by DeSantis in 2018 during his gubernatorial run against Adam Putnam, who was winning in the polls by a landslide, and he’d even turned DeSantis down at first.

It’s not unlike Trump to blow a story out of proportion. This is most certainly one of those occasions, making it seem almost as if his endorsement was the only reason Florida’s most successful governor won that time around.

Baseless claims don’t make for good publicity

Despite what Trump may have had to say about him, DeSantis’ charisma is almost unmatched. He’s got the results to prove it, seeing as last year’s midterm elections weren’t too bountiful for the GOP as many have predicted.

Despite this, Florida managed to shine through the clouds like a beacon of hope. DeSantis practically managed to turn the state’s Democrat Party into a fictive entity, which is a huge leap, considering the state was usually purple come election season.

Despite all of his success, it seems Trump is a bit too fixated on getting his own campaign up and running. He even suggested that DeSantis’ loyalty was the real issue, as he’d supposedly felt “betrayed” by the Florida governor later on.

It’s pretty obvious that Trump feels DeSantis is a threat to his campaign. He’s got good reasons too, mainly due to how much support DeSantis has been getting recently.

Also, it’s probably got to do with the fact that few would be happy to watch Trump v. Biden once more.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.