Trump Delivers His Toughest Speech as He Speaks in First Return to the Capital

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President Donald Trump just made his first appearance in Washington, DC, since he left the White House in January 2021. He marked that with his toughest speech on crime, homelessness, and illegal immigration.

Vowing to Lead the Way in Cracking Down on Crime

Trump’s speech was hosted by the America First Policy Institute, which is a think tank established by former Trump administration officials to keep supporting his policies, even as he is no longer in the White House.

In his address, which ran for longer than an hour, Trump blasted numerous failures of the Biden administration on crime. To back that up, he cited news headlines over some of the most shocking criminal incidents from the past year.

Trump also insisted on punishing drug dealers with the death penalty, an idea he proposed before, as he argued with every execution of a drug dealer, “you save 500 lives,” as cited by The Daily Mail.

POTUS 45 singled out the notoriously vicious MS-13 gangs, which are made up of immigrants from El Salvador, as an example of violent gang crime feeding upon Biden-promoted illegal immigration and terrorizing American citizens.

Trump noted, in particular, a case in which two young girls were kidnapped by MS-13 gang members who killed them by “cutting off their skins.”

Trump further advocated for using the National Guard in cities where crime has become rampant. He argued the president’s command should be overriding those of state governors in times of “true breakdowns of law and order.”

For instance, he said, the next president should be able to send the National Guard to Chicago’s “most dangerous parts” in order to restore safety, instead of having to wait for approval by some “politically correct” governor.

(Social media footage snapshot)

Tough Measures to Cope With Rampant Homelessness

In his DC speech, President Trump also dwelled on how to handle the rampant, growing homelessness crisis plaguing many American cities.

He said “inexpensive land” on the outskirts of cities should be used in order to set up large tent camps for the homeless.

In his words, that would be the only way to remove “maybe even millions” of homeless from downtowns across the nation.

Trump also argued this could be “done in one day.” He praised the Secret Service for clearing homeless encampments in Washington, DC on his orders, vowing to do so again.

Trump used his speech in order to once again hint strongly that he will be running to be president again.

He still abstained from formally announcing his candidacy in order to not trigger electoral campaign regulations on fundraising and media appearances. That would limit his freedom of action this early on.

“Four more years,” the crowd of Trump and Republican supporters started to chant at one point.

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.