Trump Finally Speaks Out About Bud Light Boycott

On Sunday, former President Donald Trump finally spoke out in response to the nationwide boycott of Bud Light. Every patriotic American will nod in agreement with his blunt comments on the subject.

Trump mentioned the Bud Light crisis in a Truth Social post promoting the new book “The Great Patriot Buy-cott Book: The Great Conservative Companies to Buy From & Invest In” by conservative radio presenter Wayne Allen Root.

The Ultimate Rule of Business

Trump stated the time has come to defeat the radical left at their own game. Bud Light has realized that money can speak.

Spoken as a true businessman who realizes that you should never offend your base.

Real Clear Politics reported a month ago that the extraordinarily effective boycott could serve as a dividing line in the Republican presidential primaries.

Multiple candidates have told RealClearPolitics they support the boycott. Nikki Haley, for example, stated the Bud Light campaign “makes a mockery of women.” Others in the Republican Party would prefer that the controversy end right now.

The sales of Bud Light plummeted across the United States after their progressive executives decided to thrust Dylan Mulvaney, a trans person, in everyone’s face. According to one report, the number is 26%, which is almost certainly a gross understatement.

Lesson Learned

The situation is so dire that Costco is essentially giving away Bud Light. Executives like Anheuser-Busch CEO Michel Doukeris believe that by merely spending money to address the issue, former customers will eventually forget and come back.

Bud Light would be smart to issue a loud apology. The fact that Trump is aware you should never insult your base is one of the reasons he became a billionaire and president.

After this debacle and financial crisis, they will definitely stop talking about politics going forward and focus on trying to sell the beer they still have.