Trump Has Some Words for Democrats

If there is anything Americans know about former President Donald Trump, it’s that he is one to speak his mind at all times. Recently, while Trump commended the personality of the governor-elect of Virginia, Glenn Youngkin, he went ahead to throw a vengeful punch line at Democrats.

Trump claimed they put his picture over the ballot box to discredit his Republican Party’s colleague at the state’s polls.

In Trump’s regular manner, he has once again attributed himself as pivotal to the victory of the just-elected Republican governor-elect, Glenn Youngkin.

In an interview with Fox News, Trump could be heard saying while Democrats messed up by using his image, it was because of him that Youngkin had a landslide win over his Democrat Party opponent, Terry McAuliffe.

Trump Knocks Even Harder on Terry McAuliffe

During the interview, Trump made a mild comparison between Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin and Terry McAuliffe. He opined in a derogatory manner that McAuliffe lost the gubernatorial election in Virginia because McAuliffe kept on calling out his name.

Trump further added Democrats expected it would be an easy win at the Virginia polls, based on antecedents. Still, because Youngkin was the gracious candidate of the Republican Party, history had to rewrite itself. 

In a spirit of self-adulation, Trump iterated a day after the result of the Virginia gubernatorial election, Glenn Youngkin called him. In detailing their phone conversation, the erstwhile president stated Governor-elect Youngkin called to appreciate Trump’s nomination and endorsement. 

Also, in a bid to further discredit the Democrat Party, Trump opined that McAuliffe called in Biden, Obama, and other reputable Democrats to help him win Virginia’s election. He went on to emphasize what Democrats didn’t know is that Virginia now has more Republican supporters than it has Democrats. 

Virginians Chime in

The people of Virginia have long been outraged with the performance of Biden at the federal level. In Trump’s interview with Fox News, he didn’t fail to state for quite some time, Republicans had given up on Virginia.

Still, because residents wanted a reversal of the status quo, they expressed their grievances through the turnout in their gubernatorial election. 

What Democrat Party members seem to be saying recently is Republicans were lucky with this year’s win. However, seeing how Republicans also recorded respective victories in Virginia’s lieutenant governor and attorney general races, it is hard to agree with this stance.

The last time Republicans won a Virginia state election was in 2009; their victory this year only means history can constantly be rewritten. 

If the polls are gradually tilting towards Republican victories, then all is not well in the camp of the Democrats. What, then, would Democrat Party members do to earn the trust of the American masses once again?