Trump Promises to Root Out Deep State Actors and Protect Freedom of Speech

In an address on Saturday night at a campaign rally in Columbia, South Carolina, former President Trump pledged to root out the deep state players embedded in the federal government.

This comes in an effort to halt the absolutely shocking weaponization of our legal system.

Trump Defends Women

Trump added they are going to get the Marxist hands off of American kids and are planning to stop the left-wing extreme racists and perverts trying to brainwash our children.

He continued by saying they’re attempting to disprove the gender ideology movement and confirm that God actually did create two genders, males and women.

Men won’t be allowed to participate in women’s sports. As a result of this, women’s sports will be saved as a whole, as will their inherent dignity.

Trump declared they are going to overthrow the censorship regime and restore free expression. He added they plan on tracking down the deep state individuals who have infiltrated the executive branch, dismiss them, and lead them out of federal facilities.

It will move forward rapidly.  He also promised to put an end to the terrible weaponization of our legal system. This type of legal system has never existed before. Investigations are the only thing being done. He said he’s had seven years to deal with this.

While talking about the tax scandal, Trump said they were excellent, that they thought he is quite affluent, yet he didn’t pay a great deal of tax, they claimed.

Everyone is aware of what he did. Due to the incentives provided, they were motivated to pay highly and produce a large number of employment opportunities. As you can see, our nation is entirely incentive-driven.

People need to be motivated and since they’re taking those motivational factors away, we must exercise extreme caution.

He stated our justice system is armed in a way that this nation has never witnessed before. The FBI said on Twitter the laptop contains false information from Russia. Trump too said we should consider it false information about Russia.

Electoral Integrity to Be Restored

Trump made special care to point out that the FBI’s plan was to “do nothing.” Just before the election, this is. Once the election was over, they acknowledged they made a mistake.

They were all in error. It’s shameful. That was such blatant cheating all by itself. According to pollsters, it resulted in a 17-point gap.

Trump went on to promise that the integrity of the election will be restored and said the public must have faith in our elections. They must have faith in our elections and our border security.

Borders and fair and free elections are both necessary and without those two fundamentals, a nation cannot exist.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.