Trump Raid: ISIS Condemns the Current State of Freedom and Corruption in America

ISIS wrote in one of its publications that the United States is a “banana republic,” referencing the recent raid the FBI conducted at the resort of former President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago. 

According to Homeland Security, the most recent issue of the journal Voice of Khurasan, which is produced by the Al Azaim Foundation for Media Production in ISIS’s Khorasan Province, featured an article.

This article came with the title “America: From the Land of Free to a Banana Republic.”

ISIS on the Raid of Trump’s Residence 

It primarily centered on President Trump’s criticism of the raid that was conducted to retrieve secret materials he took from the White House and brought to his residence in Florida. 

The magazine claimed that former President Trump, who “gained visceral delight in massacring innocent Muslims of the third-world nations,” charged the federal government with acting like the crooked thugs of the third-world governments.

ISIS argues that Trump did this because of the events on August 8 when the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) ransacked his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida in search of classified documents. 

As evidence of the decline of the United States, the author of the post cited numerous instances in which President Trump voiced his disapproval of an investigation into the whereabouts of his children and included direct comments from the president. 

The article also mentioned that Donald Trump, who served as president of the United States, voiced his disapproval of the operation. According to ISIS, the former president wrote it off as the type of attack that could only occur in underdeveloped nations. 

ISIS argued Trump has continued to criticize the notion that the United States of America is now becoming one of those countries and is corrupt to an extent that has never been seen before.

How Far We’ve Fallen

According to the article, unemployment, healthcare, as well as other indicators, imply that US inhabitants are enjoying a lifestyle that is not significantly superior to those of people living in so-called “banana republics.” 

During the unprecedented raid that took place on August 8, the FBI was able to seize more than 11,000 records. These records include approximately 100 documents with classified markings, along with 48 empty directories having classified banner inscriptions. 

Although Donald Trump and some of his associates have publicly stated that he cleared the records, Trump’s legal filings for the case do not include his arguments regarding the declassification of the files.

The publication’s brazenness is another piece of proof of how far our country has fallen as a whole; it’s shocking to see it in print.

The deeds of federal investigators under the Biden administration are going to be one for the history books. Hopefully, Americans remember this when it is time to vote

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.


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