Trump Sues NY Attorney General for Intimidation

Former President Donald Trump sued Attorney General of New York, Letitia James, who tried to ruin the reputation of Trump’s businesses, according to him.

Trump sued James in Florida State Circuit Court to stop her from obtaining the documents of the Trump Organization.

James was supposed to receive the documents from a Florida revocable trust to investigate the family business of the former president.

NY Attorney General Faces Legal Actions of Trump

Trump claimed James was abusing her power to destroy his family business. In an email sent to his supporters, Trump noted James is now a highly partisan actor in New York politics, as she is trying to injure his family businesses.

According to Trump, James’ actions are detrimental to the whole Trump family and the millions of Americans who support the former president.

Similarly, Trump used the same wording in the lawsuit, noting the relentless actions of James were directed to destroy the political and financial reputation of the Trump family. 

Furthermore, Trump also slammed James for not giving due attention to the issues that are important to Americans.

The former president noted New York is one of the most crime-laden places across America, due to the prevalence of robberies, murders, and drug smuggling, but James is doing nothing to make the state safe.

Trump also stated James would not have taken any action against his business, had he not won the 2016 presidential elections.

So, Trump concluded, everyone needs to stand up against the partisan actions of James to make America great again.

In September, James sued Trump, accusing him of tax fraud and getting undeserving business benefits by fraudulent means. The attorney general asked the court to impose a $250 million penalty on the former president for his corrupt business practices.

Trump and James Have a History of Legal Battles

Meanwhile, James’ spokesperson told Axios that Trump’s attempts to sue James would not stop any criminal investigations against the former president.

As per the spokesperson, multiple judges have already dismissed Trump’s concerns, so this lawsuit against James will also be ignored by the court.

James’ spokesperson also added the state of New York sued Trump due to his financial wrongdoings and the lawsuit shows that no one can evade justice in America.

This is not the first time Trump and James are coming against each other. When James was elected as the Attorney General of New York in 2018, she immediately threatened to take legal action against the family businesses of Trump.

Trump, who runs most of his businesses in New York, has repeatedly denied financial wrongdoing.

The former president also accused James of taking legal actions for political gains, not to mention Trump claimed James wants to take control of his businesses.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.