Trump Targeted with Fake News Once More

Claims that ex-President Donald Trump vowed to abandon the Republican Party and form his own political party after the GOP lost the 2020 general election are false.

The accusation itself will be given in “Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show,” published by ABC chief Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl.

Trump responded by saying that ABC News and third-class reporter Jonathan Karl had been spreading false information about him since the outset of his career in politics.

Trump explained by glancing at what has since been exposed regarding the Russia hoax, we can see that he is correct. It was a completely made-up and contrived deception, and the mainstream media was well aware of it. Trump then noted it just never seems to end!

On Monday, Trump also reaffirmed that he will give a speech and participate in a roundtable discussion at the National Republican Congressional Committee event in Tampa, Florida.

A Phone Call That Never Happened

According to Karl, during a telephone conversation with Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, Trump made some threats. The alleged call took place during Trump’s final journey on Air Force One; this transported him from Joint Base Andrews out of Washington, D.C., to his post-White House residence in South Florida.

Trump, according to Karl, blamed McDaniel and the Republican National Committee for neglecting to back up his charges of vote-rigging. Karl, therefore, said Trump threatened to exact punishment by forming his own political party.

Karl reports Trump informed McDaniel that he was finished with them and would form his own political party. According to reports, McDaniel retaliated by informing Trump if he did truly leave the GOP, Republicans would be doomed for all time.

Karl alleged Trump replied by saying Republicans couldn’t win without him and he didn’t care about the situation.

Further, Karl claims five days later, the Republican National Committee warned Trump about the possibility of terminating financing for his election fraud lawsuit. In line with Karl’s book, Trump subsequently backed down from his threat.

A Handful of RNC Leaders Categorically Refuted Karl’s Assertions

The report, however, was untrue, and McDaniel indicated that she had not intimidated President Trump with anything. McDaniel went on to explain she has a good connection with Trump.

The two have worked relentlessly together to support Republicans at all levels of government and they will continue to do so.

Three more RNC officials told reporters they were unaware of the reported phone call between Trump and McDaniel or the alleged RNC counterthreat. 

In January, several Trump administration officials shot down allegations the past president considered forming a “Patriot Party.”

During that period, Trump’s then-spokesman Jason Miller stated the president made it clear he aims to retake the House of Representatives and the Senate for Republicans in 2022.