Tucker Carlson Warns About Clever Chinese Masterplan in South America

The Communist Party of China (CCP) is the greatest threat to the world since Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia. It’s not even close.

This despicable regime, which is carrying out ethnic cleansing, mass pollution, widespread espionage, military buildup, viral warfare, and currency manipulation, has tentacles in almost every place on Earth.

From Sub-Saharan Africa to Eurasia to South and Central America, China is building its power and military and economic leverage.

This is especially true in the nation of Brazil, which is where Tucker Carlson recently went to investigate China’s growing stranglehold on the land of Pelé.

China’s Capture of Brazil

As South America’s largest nation and the ninth largest economy on the planet, Brazil is immensely important. The nation is full of extremely valuable natural resources including timber, iron ore, nickel, oil, and many crucially-important REEs (Rare-Earth-Elements).

Traveling to Brazil, Tucker Carlson looked further into what was going on; what he found is chilling. China controls large swathes of Brazil’s ports and has an immense stake in oil rights in the country.

Beijing has also formed many inroads via the Brazilian power grid, which is partly run by China’s “State Grid” company, the largest corporation on Earth.

China burned up and cleared large areas of the Amazon to put through its infrastructure projects. It even partners with Brazil’s leftist TV network Globo to push pro-China, pro-CCP propaganda on the people of Brazil.

Is Anybody Paying Attention?

People like Senator Marco Rubio are also warning about what’s going on and how China has been building up its power in places like Brazil. Most still aren’t listening.

For one thing, Beijing’s civilian ports in places like Brazil are huge extensions of soft power. This could be commandeered by CCP forces during a time of war and form what is part of what’s known as China’s String of Pearls strategy around the world.

There aren’t really “private” companies in China. Large corporations only act at the behest and approval of the CCP, including slave labor military corporations like Bing Tuan. This is involved in the ethnic cleansing and enslavement of the Uyghur people in Xinjiang in China.

The basic idea for China is building up strategic commercial and naval ports around the world and encircling Western interests.

As its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) continues, China is also taking advantage of the US pullout from Afghanistan to extend its power and alliance with nations like Pakistan.

The Situation in Brazil

The current leader of Brazil is a conservative populist by the name of Jair Bolsonaro. He’s pro-American and cautious of China, even blaming them for their involvement in the COVID pandemic and attempt to exploit Brazil.

However, Bolsonaro is being challenged by Brazil’s former far-left and pro-CCP President Lula. Polls show Lula in the lead.

As the Biden regime scolds Bolsonaro for supposedly not doing enough to protect the Amazon, it’s China who’s actually been brutalizing the rainforest and now wants to seize the presidency via Lula.

The CCP wants Brazil’s resources; it wants back control of its government. America needs to wake up fast.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.