Tulsi Gabbard: Joe Biden is Tearing the Country Apart

Previous Democrat presidential nominee Tulsi Gabbard criticized President Joe Biden during a Fox News appearance on Wednesday. Gabbard said Biden is accountable for the country’s division, while Democrats were to blame for inciting rage and bigotry.

Gabbard made the statements in response to a query from Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto. This was about a recent poll that revealed nearly half of Democrats do not want Biden to be the party’s contender in the 2024 presidential election.

People Don’t Want Democrat Leaders Anymore

In response to the recent polls last week, Gabbard stated she believes the American citizens are tired; she also believes this is evident in the Virginia election results. 

According to Gabbard, it is a wonderful indicator that people oppose the kind of divisiveness and stereotypical ways of tearing folks apart. She also revealed people oppose the rage and hatred sadly being seen from so many of her fellow Democrats.

Gabbard then explained she believes the win of Virginia’s governor-elect was a great indicator of citizens taking a stand and allowing their views to be heard through the voting process.

After being asked about the claim made by a prominent Democrat consultant that Democrats have a “wokeness” issue, Gabbard said this is correct. 

She further went on to say we are in a scenario where people in government are pompously convinced they are not answerable to the people.

Gabbard noted the people in power treat Americans like they are moronic. She also commented the people in power want Americans to follow them, regardless of their actions.

Gabbard stated it is understandable why people are rejecting Democrats.

Bringing Further Division

According to Tulsi Gabbard, if the Biden administration does not respect people as individuals or as citizens of the United States, how can they expect the American people to have any respect or trust in them?

Tulsi Gabbard was asked whether Biden today is the same man she campaigned against in the 2020 election. She replied it is well established she regarded Biden as a friend for many years and she is now saddened to see the path he has taken in his presidency.

She went on to say Biden’s administration and his supporters are constantly trying to undermine the core tenets of the country and actually destroying this nation.

Gabbard stated that Biden was elected to bring unity to an already somewhat divided country, rather than divide citizens trying to live a fulfilling life and move forward together.

It is very clear at this point that Biden has not fulfilled his promise to unify the country. If anything, the United States of America is more divided than ever with Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the rest of the Democrats running things.