Twitter Hearing Shows What the Dems Think of Quality Journalism!

There was already no doubt that the Twitter Files struck a nerve among some far-left Democrats. However, the outbursts that were seen at a hearing with Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger outlined exactly how demented the left can be sometimes.

Before either of the aforementioned two even got a chance to speak, House Judiciary subcommittee Ranking Member Stacey Plaskett decided to refer to them as “so-called” journalists, as part of her opening statement.

Censorship is unacceptable unless they’re doing it

This unprovoked attack surprised the two men. They were confused as to what caused the deranged woman standing before them to insult them out of the blue.

However, things would only get worse from there on out.

Texas Rep. Sylvia Garcia asked Taibbi and Shellenberger whether they were paid any amount of money to testify, resulting in yet another shocked, wordless response from the two.

After insulting their integrity, Garcia attempted to get Taibbi to disclose his sources, which he rightfully didn’t, much to her dismay.

Other Democrats present at the hearing went on to ridicule and insult the journalist pair, claiming they were in it solely with the intent of making money, rather than disclosing information to the general public.

Despite all this, not a single Democrat dared to actually deny the government has pressured Twitter into censoring conservative speech on the platform.

Free speech be damned

If you look at this situation very closely, you may find yourself struggling to see a reason why every single Democrat on the committee would treat either of the two journalists with such disdain, especially considering neither of them leans too far to the right.

While it’s true that Musk did offer the files to Taibbi and Shellenberger, he also gave them away to a bundle of other journalists. He was hoping the truth would be revealed one day. There’s no evidence any of them were controlled by the eccentric Twitter and Tesla CEO.

Instead, the only message everyone got out of this is if you’re a journalist willing to report on things the Democrats don’t like, you’ll have your work cut out for you. Your efforts will be discredited every step of the way.

The committee’s behavior made it crystal clear that censorship of journalism is more than good. In fact, according to every Democrat in the room, it’s great and it’s our only line of defense against election interference, racism, hate speech, and fact denial.

Hell, let’s just get rid of the 1st Amendment right here and now. It’s not like our right to free speech is being respected anyways. Most of the time, it’s just thrown under the bus to “protect us.”

No matter how hard they try, the left will never force news media into compliance. There will always be a beacon of truth that will stand tall among the lies Democrats keep flooding the channels with.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.