UK Government Proposes Seizure of Machetes and Zombie Knives in Crackdown on Dangerous Weapons

As part of a crackdown on deadly weapons, the UK government is introducing a law allowing the confiscation of machetes and various serrated blades from the domiciles of suspected criminals.

Criminals who sell such weapons might serve two years in prison. The new rule would let authorities confiscate and destroy select machetes and zombie-style blades. Their sale and possession could result in harsher punishments.

Action Plan

The UK Home Office stated criminals use machetes and other blades “simply to terrorize and harm victims.” Stabbings and killings are too common, according to Home Secretary Suella Braverman. Some UK cities are plagued by thugs using these weapons to fight.

Since 2019, police have confiscated 90,000 knives and aggressive weapons, but Home Secretary Braverman said law enforcement “must go further” to avoid UK stabbings and fatalities.

Policing Minister Chris Philp agreed, stating that selling knives for no reason on social media platforms like TikTok and Snapchat is unacceptable.

Unmarked zombie-style knives have a cutting edge, a jagged edge, and violent graphics or phrases on the blade or grip, according to the Home Office. Machetes have broad, hefty blades between 10 and 28 inches.

Laws and Recent Incidents

Even if police locate a machete or other legal weapon in someone’s house, they cannot confiscate or act on it under English and Welsh law. Most knives and weapons cannot be sold to minors or carried in public without a “good reason,” such as for employment.

After an 18-year-old was convicted of murdering someone with a 22-inch zombie knife, the UK government suggested the ban.

Last year, Emadh Miah assaulted and stabbed 18-year-old Ghulam Sadiq in Leytonstone, England. After the event, a court advised individuals to write to their MPs about the deadly weapons.

It remains to be seen if things get better or worse for the United Kingdom, as it pertains to stabbings.