Ukraine Needs $33 Billion in Help From Congress, Says Samantha Power

President Joe Biden’s senior member, Samantha Power, has urged Congress to accept the president’s proposal for $33 billion in extra help for Ukraine.

According to Power, who spoke with Face the Nation on CBS on Sunday, Ukraine has been better off because of aid packages that have been given in the past.

Aid to Ukraine

In an interview with Margaret Brennan, Power said, “Ukrainian soldiers have freshly freed large expanses of Ukraine in areas with tremendous need.”

“In anything from demining to trauma packages to food, help is needed, due to the fact that the markets are still closed.”

In the past, humanitarian aid has been given to Ukrainians and “countries that are suffering the massive cascading effects of Putin’s conflict,” says Power, citing things like higher food prices as examples.

As Power pointed out, “You see, you have just as many as 40 million people who might be forced into poverty, due to Russia’s conflict right now.”

“As a result, we’ve already spent part of that money, but the consumption rate is quite high, due to the spiraling prices within and outside Ukraine.”

On Thursday, President Joe Biden asked Congress to pass a massive spending bill.

He asked for $33 billion in the extra military and economic aid for Ukraine as it tries to rebuild on its own and fight back against Russia.

According to a government official, the budget provides $20 billion for army and armament aid, $8.5 billion for economic assistance, and $3 billion for philanthropic and food support.

The money will go toward replenishing U.S. stockpiles of critical systems and assisting other countries to wean themselves off of Russian weapons.

The Necessity

Power, who stressed the necessity of the additional humanitarian assistance, said “mass starvation” and “acute starvation needs” will be met with the $3 billion in extra humanitarian help.

“We want to make sure the leadership of Ukraine can keep providing services to its people,” said Secretary of State John Kerry.

The measure, which would also provide “substantial direct financial support for the government of Ukraine,” would be signed into law.

According to Power, the new proposal goes above and beyond previous aid legislation. It shows Vladimir Putin that the United States is willing to help Ukrainian armed forces fight against Russian soldiers.

Power said Moscow wants nothing more than for the Ukrainian government to go bankrupt and be unable to provide for the needs of the people.

“That would erode Ukrainian unity. Putin, of course, wants nothing more than to improve his negotiating position in this region while simultaneously exerting military and financial pressure. We cannot allow this to happen.”

Will Congress accept this advice from Power? It is too soon to say. However, two things are true: Ukrainians need help, but the proposed aid package is a lot.