Ukraine Reports Russian Assault Killed Many Troops and Civilians

According to sources in the besieged capital, more than 50 Ukrainian military and civilians were killed.

Explosions could be heard from Kyiv to Odesa, as well as in the disputed Donbas region, as Russia launched a brutal assault on Ukraine early Thursday.

Details of the Assault

It is believed more than 40 soldiers and at least ten civilians died in the incident; this was the first to happen after Russian President Vladimir Putin authorized a “special military operation” in Ukraine.

Russia reported its troops encountered little or no resistance as they pushed into the area; although, it is unknown how or where the civilians died. 

According to Ukrainian authorities, explosions were heard across the country, including volleys of airstrikes late Wednesday night.

In addition, Russian forces stormed at least one port and crossed the border into the country’s northeastern region.

Russian military activity occurred throughout Ukraine as missiles and airstrikes poured down, including on the cities of Lviv, Mariupol, and Kharkiv, where Russian soldiers crossed the border.

Paratroopers were allegedly observed flying above Odesa, while ground assaults were conducted from a number of locations, including Crimea, Donetsk, and Belarus.

International officials hurried on Thursday to respond to the rapid-fire developments. President Biden pledged to impose a fresh round of stiffer sanctions on Russia with the intention of deterring further aggression from Russia.

Whether Putin plans to seize the contested, predominantly ethnic Russian Donbas area along Ukraine’s eastern border with Russia (where he previously recognized breakaway regions) or has his eyes set on a massive invasion of the entire country remained unclear at the time of writing. 

Desperation and Reports

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky looked to be preparing for battle.

He stated he would accept volunteers if they were willing. In a tweet on Thursday, Zelensky stated, “we will provide firearms to everyone who wants to defend the country.”

“Be prepared to show your support for Ukraine in the streets of our cities.”

According to CNN, Ukraine’s army claims to have shot down at least five Russian planes, along with a helicopter, in the past week.

“The Ukrainian border patrol is not mounting any fight against the Russian soldiers at the border. The Ukrainian air defenses have been neutralized.”

“As per reports, the military capability of Ukrainian Air Force facilities has deteriorated,” according to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

Per a statement released by President Biden on Wednesday, the “international community will hold Russia responsible.”

As the White House says, Biden gave Ukraine hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid in the weeks before the attack. He still gets regular updates on the situation in Ukraine at present.

As Biden pledges to hold Russia accountable, he is not hitting the nation with any sanctions where it truly hurts.