UN Compromises Foundational Ideas to Fight Homeschoolers

Sadly, the UN still doesn’t see that when families are free to pick the finest school for their kids, they win.

Parents in the US are resisting government interference in education. This is occurring in politics, homeschooling, and school choice initiatives. Even the UN can’t deny this.

Standing Against Parents

In a small box on page 32 of the 474-page study, the UN acknowledges the rise in home education, but connects it to “advocacy by a worldwide conservative progression.”

Really? The fastest-growing minority group in homeschooling is not mentioned. No mention is made of homeschooling producing academically successful, well-socialized graduates.

“Who chooses?” asks the UN report. Who ends up losing?”

Purporting to analyze non-state players in education, it urges states to control “all” schooling as a “single system.” However, the study accuses “non-state actors” like private schools of promoting “inequity” and “privilege.”

That study incorrectly labeled homeschooling as a “challenge to inclusion,” which should be opposed. A study last year accused homeschooling of “exacerbating gender inequalities” and “discriminating against moms, but not fathers.”

An international organization that considers “workforce involvement” as the be-all, end-all of human happiness is inherently misguided, especially when the issue is child education.

Stay-at-home parents earn something more important and priceless than admiration and quality time with their children.

The UN praises public education for spreading “noble concepts and governing ideologies.” These beliefs and philosophies entice so many parents today to homeschool their children.

Is equality teaching kids to see everything through a racial lens? Accepting biological guys into female sports and locker rooms? However, the report’s support for state control of education is evident.

It is recommended that all educational institutions be considered as part of a unified system with uniform norms, financial support, and supervision procedures.

This is a scary, educational vision.

Conformity Isn’t Always Right

Homeschooling thrives because the state does not control it.

This allows for more time for play and discovery without the turmoil of putting children in a classroom for six to eight hours a day with limited adult supervision.

It’s better to question if there should be any central government supervision of education than how much.


A government using education to bolster authoritarian “ruling ideologies” as “noble ideals” against parental choice wreaked havoc with horrific outcomes. Educators were criminalized in 1938 when Germany nationalized education.

As a response to the Nazi brainwashing, the Universal Declaration of 1948 said education “shall be devoted to the complete development of human individuality and the development of human rights and basic freedoms.”

It further noted, “parents have the freedom to select the type of education their children receive.” A sad fact is the UN’s statist study supports states that have restricted or are considering banning home education.

Instead of increasing government control, UN education policy analysts should promote policies that empower parents to decide their children’s education.

This reversal would be considerably more in line with its human rights conventions. Children can still win if the UN returns to a pro-parent posture.