Uncertainty Surrounds Pope Francis’ Hospitalization for Respiratory Infection

Pope Francis was taken by ambulance to Rome’s Gemelli Hospital on Wednesday night for “breathing problems.” According to the Vatican News Office, he has been hospitalized for several days, due to a “respiratory infection.”

Stayed Overnight

After a chest CT scan and blood oxygen saturation tests allegedly showed no significant issues, Pope Francis stayed overnight in a hospital suite on the 10th level. The Pope’s health “does not offer cause for worry,” according to the attending physicians.

Cardinals and bishops have been taken aback by the news of the Pope’s illness. Many are now seeking information independently, rather than trusting the official accounts of the Vatican Press Office.

Monsignors, cardinals, and bishops are reportedly more confused and frightened than ever, as they urgently attempt to keep up with the latest news, as reported by Il Messaggero of Italy.

The official Vatican press release assured readers that all was scheduled in advance, but it quickly became apparent this was not the case. This was made clear when the Pope had to reschedule several urgent appointments.

Worries and Fears

Officials are reportedly worried since no one knows what is wrong with the Pope. There are many questions surrounding this situation, despite the fact that he is reportedly receiving “already arranged” medical check-ups.

These medical check-ups are taking place at Rome’s Gemelli Hospital, as reported by Vatican News.

The Pope has reportedly been experiencing chest pain, in addition to his “breathing issues,” leading some to suspect heart concerns.

It is very improbable that the Pope will be able to take part in the public ceremonies of Holy Week, including the traditional Palm Sunday Service in Saint Peter’s Square.

However, we will have to wait and see how things turn out, but hopefully, the Pope is okay. We hope he can come back stronger.