UPenn Women Don’t Have to Compete Against Men Anymore

At long last, Penn’s female swimmers have the opportunity to compete against teams consisting entirely of other women. 

New Season

On Sunday, Lia Thomas received her diploma from the Ivy League institution.

During the season that can only be regarded as the strangest in the history of collegiate swimming, the female swim team at the University of Pennsylvania put an end to the controversy that surrounded the transgender swimmer. 

When the new season of the female swim team starts next year, the roster will be comprised entirely of real women. 

This indicates the team’s women are once again competing against other real women in a fair environment.

This indicates men will no longer have an unfair genetic advantage over the women they want to triumph over in the future.

After today’s swim practice, female swimmers won’t have to worry about being forced to gaze at the genitalia of a man who is 22 years old in the locker room.

The female swimmers from the University of Pennsylvania will finally be given their freedom and will no longer be regarded as “third-class citizens.” 

On the other hand, the fact they are free shouldn’t lead them to forget what happened to them. Not one single woman should. To tell you the truth, no man should do it either. 

At The Mercy of Woke Culture

Sadly, the University of Pennsylvania women’s swim team, along with all other female athletic teams, will only remain free until the next Lia Thomas appears.

They are at the hands of woke, radical, leftist school administrators, as well as ideologies and wimps at the NCAA, who support the reasons of the woke mob over the protections of college women. 

This puts them in a very precarious position. The graduation of Thomas is merely a metaphorical band-aid for the state of women’s athletics.

Unfortunately, it’s only a matter of time before the next man who suffers from gender dysphoria decides he wants to swim or participate in any other sport against women; the people in authority will do nothing to stop him. 

If people don’t speak up or keep challenging this outrageous status quo, the same thing that happened with Lia Thomas will inevitably happen again.

Under the pretense of LGBT equality, universities will continue their practice of treating women as second-class citizens and will continue to mistreat them.

Therefore, although Penn’s female swimmers are free to compete for the time being, the next Lia Thomas is just around the corner.

This next Lia Thomas is just waiting to take female roster slots, scholarships, and prizes. 

That is ultimately what is going to end up happening unless the people have the intestinal fortitude and bravery to strive for real change.