US-Bound Charter Plane from Kabul Denied Entry into the Country

"In the air" by The U.S. Army is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Ever since the Taliban took over in Afghanistan, Americans in the country have had to evacuate as soon as possible. The Kabul airport has been crowded with Afghans and citizens of other nations, including Americans, looking to flee the country.

The reality at the airport is there are still certain restrictions for international flights. In the midst of these restrictions, some Americans were lucky to get a plane to leave the country, yet denied entry by the US Customs and Border Protection.

With the plane being denied entry into the country, over 100 Americans and green card holders are now stuck at Abu Dhabi international airport, pending a resolution.

What Really Happened?

A nonprofit group called Project Dynamo secured the charter flight to help evacuate Americans stuck in Kabul. However, their landing rights have been revoked, which means they cannot land anywhere on US soil.

One of the officials of Project Dynamo, Bryan Stern, spoke with a news agency about the development. He said the passengers arrived at the Abu Dhabi international airport in the UAE from Kabul, Afghanistan.

The plan was to transfer them to a chartered Ethiopian Airlines plane for a flight to the United States. However, DHS had other plans. Bryan Stern expressed his displeasure over this, as he claimed the plane had already been cleared to land at the J.F Kennedy International Airport in New York.

The plane is carrying 117 people, including 59 children. Americans and green card holders should not have to be put through this, especially with what they’ve gone through in Afghanistan.

What the Biden Administration is Saying

Apparently, Americans and green card holders going through ‘hell’ in Afghanistan isn’t enough. The government of the United States under Biden has to put them through more hell.

With the chaos and problems surrounding the evacuation from Afghanistan, Project Dynamo sought to contribute its quota by helping with the evacuation. After going through the necessary process, including getting permission for their plane to land, they’ve had to face another setback.

A lawyer in Naples, Florida, Stan Bunner, told reporters he couldn’t comprehend why citizens are stuck in an airport. Bunner said the justification for the authorities was there’s no procedure to allow American citizens to arrive in the country through a charter flight.

This is quite absurd, as the country should be doing everything in its power to ensure Americans all around the world are safe.

As if that’s not enough, the authorities also raised concerns over a measles outbreak. We have to wonder if the Biden administration has any regard for Americans, as the organizers confirmed all the passengers have current measles vaccinations.

Not only that, but the passengers of the plane also have their negative COVID-19 tests. The Biden administration needs to get its act together and ensure the safety and comfort of Americans are a priority. No American should be denied access into their country over flimsy excuses like a non-existent measles outbreak.