Use of Robots Spreading Across Multiple Industries

Labor shortages have inflicted very serious impacts on America’s businesses. The restaurant industry and other sectors based on service have also been struggling with worker deficiencies.

After continuous issues like this, some companies have opted to have robots do the jobs that were previously done by humans. For instance, Chipotle and BurgerFi are using robots in certain locations to make and get food to customers.

Now, other companies are taking similar steps to alleviate themselves from the burdens of widespread labor shortages.

At least one bowling alley in Florida is currently using robots to get food to its patrons and even sing, per Fox Business.

The Rise of Robots in the Workforce

At the Clearwater-based Maples Lanes Countryside Bowling Alley, customers are regularly serviced by robots.

One robot, in particular, is named Bella. Bella has the responsibility of ensuring that patrons receive their pizza and other food. This robot also sings “happy birthday” to guests who are at the bowling alley to celebrate.

In actuality, Bella’s become especially popular at Maples Lanes Countryside. Many kids there enjoy the robot and even get selfies with it.

Robots in the bowling alley are also capable of helping patrons get to the right bowling lanes and cheering them on during games.

According to Maples Lanes Countryside, having robots providing service to customers has been beneficial from a business standpoint. Bella ultimately makes it easier for cooks and other staffers to provide the best service on a consistent basis.

More to Come?

Over the years, the use of artificial intelligence in the workforce has increased. All things considered, there’s nothing to indicate this trend will be slowing down anytime soon.

Labor shortages, if they persist long-term, will only further incentivize employers to get more robots and artificial intelligence on the beat.

Nevertheless, critics continue to warn that robots working in Maples Lanes Countryside and elsewhere are putting working-class people in danger.

Among some in society, there are concerns that widespread use of robots in the workforce will ultimately freeze people with minimal skills or qualifications out of employment altogether.

At this time, the rate at which businesses begin to pick up robots and artificial intelligence remains to be seen.

However, supporters of these technological advancements warn they don’t have to include negative impacts on human workers. Instead, there’s a point of view that says robots can actually collaborate with humans, making them better and more efficient at their jobs.

Are you concerned about the rise of artificial intelligence in the workforce? Do you think there’s any scenario where robots could actually work with humans, rather than taking away their job opportunities?

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