Video Exposes Shocking Border Crisis Events Post-Title 42

A surveillance video from the US-Mexico border shows a shocking development in the illegal immigration apocalypse brought upon America by the far-left Biden administration.

It shows a female US soldier opening a gate and allowing illegal aliens to cross into the United States through private property.

Aiding and Abetting America’s Invasion

It’s getting harder by the day to find adequate words to describe the illegal immigration crisis brought about by Joe “No Border” Biden and his viciously woke administration.

A staggering new surge in migrant numbers seems to be unfolding, as predicted, due to the expiration of Title 42.

A new video from the border posted online by Bill Melugin, a Fox News correspondent, now reveals how the Biden administration is “aiding and abetting” the invasion of America.

The video shows a female US soldier, who opens the gate of private property to let dozens of migrants in, Red State reports.

As the woman soldier allows the aliens to come in, a Border Patrol boat can be seen in the water nearby, seemingly approving of her actions. Then, a bus arrives and takes the people to their wonderful new lives in the US interior.

Biden Sent Troops to Aid Illegal Immigration?

Melugin’s investigation found the video is from Eagle Pass, Texas; the female soldier is not from the state or with the Texas Army National Guard.

She turned out to be a Missouri Army National Guard trooper and of the troops that Biden sent to the border. She is working with the US Border Patrol and taking orders from the federal government.

Empty Shelves Joe recently sent 1,500 US Army troops to the border. Though, as the report suggests, apparently their role isn’t to stop illegal immigration, but to help it. It also remains mind-boggling why a US soldier would bring illegal immigrants onto private property.

Fox’s Bill Melugin commented there was a small “lull” in the migrant influx, due to the actions of the Texas and Mexico authorities, but the post-Title 42 surge is bound to happen shortly.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.