VP Harris Dodges Questions About Her Racist Comments

On Friday, a few days after Hurricane Ian made landfall, Vice President Kamala Harris made shocking comments that left hurricane survivors worried.

Vice President Kamala Harris was caught red-handed when she mentioned that “equity” would be considered when distributing the relief for victims of Hurricane Ian.

Today, when the media asked her again about what she meant, she dodged the question and tried to divert the conversation to something else. 

VP Harris made the racist comments

During the Forum of the Democratic National Committee on Women’s Leadership, Harris made racist comments stating that communities of color and the lowest income communities are significantly impacted by extreme conditions.

The liberal vice president added the people have to address this matter in a way by providing relief “based on equity” and taking note that they are fighting for equality and also fighting for equity.

Harris further added that if the government wants Americans to be in an equal place, sometimes the “disparities” have to be taken into consideration and the government has to intervene.

Although the audience in the forum applauded the statements made by Harris, critics were not happy with her claims. 

Many accused the vice president of being racist, particularly towards the victims of the recent hurricane.

Some are even claiming these statements made by Harris could leave some survivors scared and worried they might not be able to receive help just because they were not of a specific demographic. 

Ian Miles Cheong, a journalist, also made a sarcastic comment urging Harris to “just say it,” that white people are in trouble and the vice president is dwelling on the equity issue.

This is just the same way as she sent thousands of black people to jail, due to misdemeanors, referring to the time when Harris was still working as a lawyer.

Harris tried to avoid confronting the fact she made racist comments

In a video that was gathered by Fox News, when Harris was asked to provide clarification about the statement she made regarding providing aid based on equity, the vice president opted not to answer the question. 

On the other hand, to refute the statement by Harris, Republican rapid response director Christina Pushaw posted on Twitter that the comment made by the vice president is false. 

Pushaw also emphasized the statement is not only false, but is also rhetorical and creates undue panic in the people. 

The director of rapid response also noted that Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) individual assistance was already available to Florida residents affected by Hurricane Ian, no matter their race or background. 

Meanwhile, the White House noted on Friday they are working with Florida Governor DeSantis and FEMA to give aid to those affected by the hurricane. 

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.