WaPo Changed Fareed Zakaria’s Op-ed Headline After Liberals Firestorm

CNN host Fareed Zakaria wrote a column in the Washington Post.

He blamed Democrats for focusing too much on “pronouns,” while ignoring the actual issues faced by Americans. However, the article invited liberals’ backlash, who were quick to denounce Zakaria’s comments about the usage of pronouns.

Eventually, the Washington Post ended up changing the title of the column and removed “Forget Pronouns” from the headline to please its liberal audience.

Fareed Zakaria in Trouble for Slamming Liberals

According to Zakaria, Democrats should focus on getting “stuff done” that is important for Americans, instead of “using the right pronouns.”

However, the op-ed angered far-left radicals, prominently Chasten Buttigieg, the husband of the Secretary of the Department of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg.

Once the Washington Post published the article, Chasten Buttigieg asserted that it is “easy, free, and kind” to address people with their preferred pronouns.

He also noted this is the only way to build an inclusive community, adding it is “wildly inappropriate” to ask Democrats to leave alone a whole community to win elections.

Furthermore, Chasten believes Democrats are making bold moves and passing historic legislation at the same time. So, they are tackling the personal needs of people and the developmental needs of the country simultaneously.

Though, Zakaria defended his article against Buttigieg’s criticism. He asserted that he is also a part of different minority groups, so he is not against any such group.

Instead, Zakaria continued, he wants Democrats not to give a favorable playing field to Republicans by not focusing on the actual issues of the people.

Similarly, Zakaria insisted no embattled group will benefit if Democrats lose the midterm elections in November.

Zakaria Praised Red States for Good Lifestyle

Kimberly Johnson, a liberal podcaster, accused Zakaria of being “transphobic” and doing “lazy journalism.”

Johnson noted that candidates never build their election campaign on pronouns, as it is just an important social issue that most Democrats embrace.

Similarly, Vanity Fair contributor Franklin Leonard argued the Democrat Party should not choose between using diverse pronouns and building things, as it can “do both” things at the same time.

Transgender author D.E. Anderson responded to Zakaria’s article even more forcibly, writing “Oh f— this,” and stating it is not a fine approach to reduce all transgender issues to pronouns and dismiss all of them as silly.

In his op-ed, Zakaria quoted a recent New York Times poll, which suggests that far-left Democrats are more focused on petty cultural issues as they continue ignoring the real problems of Americans.

Zaharia also criticized the administrations of many blue states for not erecting the necessary infrastructure compared to red states, which are leading the efforts to provide extraordinary facilities to their residents.

According to Zakaria, Democrats are failing to provide important services to Americans, even after implementing so-called progressive taxation of getting more money out of riches.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.


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