Washington Examiner Comes Out Fully Against Donald Trump

While Donald Trump is no longer in the White House, his name is definitely still circulating throughout US politics.

Much of the former president’s base believes he should run for office again in 2024. Then, there are other Republicans who feel a different GOP candidate should step forward to clinch the presidency.

As the January 6 committee hearings carry on, Trump’s name has come up with various accusations about his behavior before, during, and after the Capitol riots.

Former Trump administration aide Cassidy Hutchinson recently testified before the committee that on January 6 last year, Trump tried to physically grab the steering wheel of a car he was being driven in.

Hutchinson alleges that when this happened, the then-president wanted to head to the Capitol amid riots, but Secret Service wasn’t having it.

In light of this testimony, the conservative publication known as the Washington Examiner has come out with a swift disavowal of Trump.

Cutting All Support For the Former President

In a scathing editorial piece, Washington Examiner declared Trump is not fit for power and that Hutchinson’s testimony about his conduct on January 6 ought to mark a “death knell” for the former president’s career in politics.

Continuing on, the conservative publication noted the former aide’s testimony is credible, especially considering her previous stance as a firm supporter of Trump.

According to Washington Examiner, this testimony directly demonstrates that Trump is “unstable” and “a disgrace.”

As far as 2024 goes, the outlet made no bones about its lack of support for the former president launching a third campaign for the White House. Washington Examiner expressed that the GOP has much better choices for presidential candidates in the next election.

Finally, the conservative publication explicitly declared that the notion of backing Trump again shouldn’t even cross anyone’s mind.

This piece marks one of the most clear-cut and cutting rebukes of the former president from conservative media.

A Viral Piece

On Wednesday, Washington Examiner’s rebuke of Trump went viral across social media. Democrats picked it up, noting how the publication is now washing its hands of the former president, despite a long-standing track record of defending him.

Meanwhile, other members of Trump’s base pushed back against this piece. Trump supporters took to social media, saying that Hutchinson’s testimony wasn’t accurate. Others claimed the editorial board at Washington Examiner is full of “RINOS (Republicans in Name Only).”

For what it’s worth, Trump has come out and completely denied the allegations about his behavior made by Hutchinson.

What do you make of Washington Examiner now dropping any support it previously had for Trump? Do you believe the former president should still run for office again in 2024?

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