Watch: Nancy Pelosi Gets Publicly Humiliated in New York City

Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the House of Representatives. She is a powerful and well-connected woman. For decades, she’s helped push forward the far-left agenda of the Democrat Party.

Though even the richest and most powerful person in the world can’t force people to like them.

That’s the problem with Pelosi: people know she’s a fake elitist whose husband is a drunk-driving insider trader. People know Pelosi is in love with power, not the issues she claims to care about.

That’s what blew up in her face Saturday night in New York when she was invited to a special event.

Pelosi Gets Loudly Booed Onstage

Pelosi was attending a special music festival in Central Park in NY. The point of the festival was something named the “Global Citizen” event. The concert was all aimed at bringing awareness and raising funds to help the climate.

Pelosi was called up onstage as a surprise appearance and gave her trademark fake smile. Though instead of people giving her a rousing cheer and applause, they started to boo; they started to boo loudly.

Let me remind you this is New York City we’re talking about here. The city is supposed to be the cusp of progress and open-mindedness, second only to places like San Francisco.

Yet, Pelosi got booed at a climate change concert while talking about her passion for fighting climate change and how much she supposedly supports “global citizens” who want to save the world.

Let’s take a closer look at this: why would a bunch of mainly progressive folks in New York be booing Nancy Pelosi at a climate change concert? The answer is actually quite interesting.

Why Did They Boo?

Some of those in the crowd cheered, but the loud boos were significant and many people did boo. Why? The simple answer is they are not part of the corporate left and they know Pelosi is a globalist fake.

Like the right, the left is also divided roughly into the establishment corporate left and the more populist, non-establishment left.

Those folks know people like Pelosi don’t give things away for free. They don’t try to “cut carbon emissions” because they’re nice people; they do it to put in place a corporate control system that will be even worse than what they did away with.

People are not as stupid as Pelosi thinks. Even those who are very concerned about man-made climate change are very skeptical about her claims of the “historical” climate bill which she claims will cut carbon emissions by 40%.

What about China? What about Bangladesh? What about the other worst polluters in the world who are doing nothing to cut their emissions?

Will Pelosi travel there and force them to cut emissions? Or is she just interested in further deindustrializing the United States and the expense of our global power and domestic energy independence?

It’s a cynical game she and her comrades are playing; even many on the left have caught on to it.

The Bottom Line

Pelosi is a fake and even many leftists no longer support or like her.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.