Watch: Obama Makes a Complete Fool of Himself in TikTok Video

It’s no secret the Democrat Party is in trouble. They’re trying to rally the base and get organized for the upcoming midterms, but this party is in total chaos.

The Biden-Harris regime is extremely unpopular and presiding over the worst inflation in half a century. Even former liberals are being converted to conservatism at the literal gas pump.

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In addition to Joe Biden trying to spread fear and lies about the Republican Party, the Democrats have pulled former President Barack Obama out of the closet.

He’s now making TikTok videos and touring around like some lame comedy tour to try to get the Democrats out of the hole they’re in.

Ultra-Cringe Obama Video

Obama swooped in to save the day recently with a video on TikTok. This was on the channel of some cringe liberal called Spehar, who identifies as non-binary.

This weird creature has a schtick where it sits under a desk talking about news. It’s like his, or it or they’s “thing,” you understand?

In the video, Obama comes in and tells this young person about how they need to vote to save the environment, get gun control, and make sure women can get abortions.

Whatever biological sex “they” are, this is clearly important to this desk-dweller. Anyway, we all know men can apparently get pregnant, right? Liberals are so full of compassion, apparently.

After all, they want to protect nature and animals but don’t care about abortion, because it’s a woman’s “choice.” Makes sense, right? Is anyone else smelling that strong wiff of liberal logic on this one or is it just me?

Obama’s Lies

In addition to being extremely cringe, the video is full of stupid lies. Obama is saying if this “they” votes for the Democrats, then they can get Roe v. Wade into law and protect women’s ability to have abortions.

Yet, the fact of the matter is that codifying Roe is extremely unlikely.

The Supreme Court of the United States passed this matter back to the states. They put the Constitution into effect, instead of extremist political activism.

Putting it back into federal law isn’t going to happen anytime soon, especially considering how badly the Democrats are failing on almost every file.

They don’t have the power to fix the economy or do anything worthwhile, but they think they’ll get the power to push through Roe? It’s insane.

The Bottom Line

This is the best the Democrats have to offer: a ridiculous failed president crouching with some idiot under a desk. These people and everything they stand for can leave us all the hell alone.

At the rate things are going, even Obama won’t be able to help Democrats hold onto power in Congress.This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.