What Exactly is the President Doing Right?

Nine months into Joe Biden’s presidency, his administration hasn’t stopped dealing with crises and criticisms. Moreover, sometimes it feels like the president doesn’t have answers to any of the nations’ problems.

Besides, some of the problems, crises, and criticisms the current administration has faced are direct consequences of its decisions. Crises and criticisms of Biden span over multiple subject matters and departments.

Highlights of the Biden Administration

One of the prevailing highlights of the Biden administration is the border crisis. Thousands of illegal immigrants have made their way to the southern border, thereby overwhelming Border Patrol.

In addition, a lot of these immigrants gained entry into the country, giving rise to a plethora of problems. Not only that, but the ones caught are usually released back into the country with little or no supervision.

DHS Secretary Mayorkas and Vice President Harris were charged with handling the border crisis; yet, no progress has been made. However, some good news is the Department of Homeland Security revealed it has plans to reinstate Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy.

Although, it was a federal judge that ordered DHS to reinstate the policy.

The “Remain in Mexico” policy compels asylum seekers to remain in Mexico, pending their asylum appeal. Another problem of the Biden administration is how it handled the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan.

Recently, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Biden was 100% culpable in the Taliban taking over Afghanistan. In addition, the evacuation of Americans and its allies was handled poorly by the Biden administration.

Furthermore, the president has done a terrible job at creating jobs in the country. Biden had a very terrible September jobs report. The economy added only 194,000 new jobs in the month, with experts predicting up to 500,000 new jobs.

Employers are also finding it hard to get workers to fill their open jobs positions. Labor Secretary Marty Walsh also admitted he doesn’t know how to solve this problem.

It doesn’t end there. In addition, COVID vaccine mandates and proposing the IRS look into bank accounts are also some policies that are unfavorable to Americans. This decision has seen an uproar from the millions of people affected.

Besides, employers all over the country are already finding a hard time filling job positions. Why does the president want to add to the problem, as some employees choose to leave their jobs instead of taking the vaccine?

Biden Running Out of Time

Americans are losing patience with Biden; all the major polls have the president barely treading water. His Real Clear Politics’ average job approval rating dropped 52.4% on July 20 to 43.3% in October.

In addition, the president’s Gallup approval has dropped by 13 points since June and six points in the last month. Likewise, the latest Quinnipiac University poll had Biden’s approval drop by four points in three weeks.

Some other polls also show how badly the president is doing. Biden and his cabinet need to sit down and analyze the problems of everyday Americans, then come up with how to solve them.

Until the president starts making policies that positively impact Americans’ lives, he should expect public polls to continue being against him.