White House Press Irked Over Inability to Cover Biden’s Meeting with Pope Francis

The press of the White House was vexed because of its inability to have access to President Biden during his planned meeting with Pope Francis in Italy. They anticipated covering the meeting, which lasted for about 90 minutes when the Vatican production team suddenly canceled the live broadcast. 

Throughout the duration of the meeting, no American journalist was permitted inside. At the end of the day, they resorted to waiting for the edited single video of the Vatican television production team. 

According to Jeff Murdock, an authorized Washington Times White House reporter, the customary practice is when two renowned leaders are meeting, there is supposed to be a live broadcast.

However, seeing how things panned out with Biden, it is a slap in the face of American media, as the press was not allowed to exert their freedom during the meeting.  

The Attitude of the White House Press Secretary Didn’t Help Matters

Ordinarily, the one person who could have exerted the cause of the American media was press secretary Jen Psaki. Instead of this, Psaki blatantly hid behind the Vatican, giving a hand signal to the American press while not doing anything about the situation.

If the White House press didn’t know better, they could have easily assumed being shut out of the meeting was common knowledge between the American government and the Vatican. 

In an assessment of the playout of events, Chico Harlan (who represented the Washington Post) referred to a prior meeting between former President Trump and the Catholic leader in 2017. He stated it was wrong for the White House’s press to have witnessed the two leaders’ meeting without being privy to the details of their meeting. 

President Biden’s Comment About the Meeting

It is common knowledge President Biden is the second Catholic president of the United States. While he might be a devout Catholic, his subscription to abortion rights seems to negate the church’s doctrines. 

While addressing the press about the details of the 90-minute-long meeting, Biden simply stated Pope Francis only told him to continue participating in the taking of Communion. Biden noted the Pope said nothing about his subscription to abortion rights. 

At the end of the one-on-one meeting with the Vatican leader, there was an expanded meeting subsequently. However, rather than give some concrete details about the two leaders’ discussions, Biden presented Pope Francis a challenge coin that was a sign of respect to a leader U.S. presidents hold in high esteem.

Americans, in their totality, were keen on hearing firsthand what the two leaders were going to discuss. However, rather than oblige them with the details, Biden once again proved the sort of democracy he practices does not acknowledge the expectations of everyday Americans.