Who is Going To Succeed Biden in the Democratic Base?

Defeat at the hands of Republicans in the upcoming midterms appears inevitable for the Democrat Party. That’s because the party’s efforts to shift the focus of the impending elections away from the economy have been met with indifference by voters.

Whatever the problem, whether it be abortion “rights,” January 6, global warming, gun control, Russia, COVID-19, or student loan “relief,” the political establishment failed to divert our attention away from the one thing that really matters: having enough money to live. 

What Really Matters

It is true a lot of Americans (38%) believe the economy to be the most pressing issue at the moment, with another minority (22%) blaming the government or “bad leadership” for the country’s plight. 

Isn’t there anything to be said about the distracting issues Democrats relied on in an attempt to win the election, but ultimately failed to do so?

Among all issues, only 4% think abortion is the most crucial one. Only 3% of the vote was cast on climate change, while only 1% was cast on gun control. 

It’s all predicated on the unpopularity of President Biden. He last had majority support from the public in the summer of 2021, before his tragic, fatal withdrawal from Afghanistan. 

In what way? A Washington Post/ABC News poll from the past few weeks found the vast majority of Democrats and left-leaning Independents want to see Biden replaced as their 2024 choice. 

Although this may be cause for jubilation among Trump’s many detractors, we have to ask: Who’s next? 

The current situation of the country may be directly attributed to Biden. While he’s busy telling adolescent girls there won’t be any “serious males” for them until they’re 30, the general populace is trying to make ends meet under the weight of the inevitable results of his policies.

Brace Up!

While everyone is watching President Biden, it’s important to remember that if we only pay attention to individual leaders, we can miss the systemic decay at the left’s core.

Our culture has an unhealthy fixation on heroes and villains. We announce the world can be redeemed if only the “good guy” is elected and the “bad guy” is kicked out of office. 

There’s no way this could be accurate. Yes, we should work as quickly and as hard as legally possible to remove Biden from office.

However, we also need to plan for the future. The question is, who will take his place? Looking at the queue of people hoping to fill his shoes shows there is constantly someone worse lurking in the background. 

In any case, this should not be taken as a defeatist attempt to minimize the significance of voting. There is no doubt now that each and every vote counts.

Biden will exit the White House at some point; it won’t matter if it’s in January 2025, 2029, or earlier. When that day comes, we must not believe the war is over. Instead, the conflict would’ve only just begun.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.