Here’s How Republicans are Different from Democrats

In a recent post by Frank Miniter, a Fox News reporter, he talked about his conversation with a Democrat in 2020. He stated Democrats tell the people their single ideology is to redistribute wealth to the underprivileged.

However, rather than stick with what they claim to pursue earnestly, Democrats end up empowering the government instead. Extensive analysis into the details of Miniter’s conversation with his friend would go a long way to state how far apart Democrats are from Republicans. 

Freedom is a Myth to Democrats

One of the main arguments Frank Miniter and his friend had was about the COVID-19 vaccine. Everyone knows how former President Trump created Operation Warp Speed to ease access to the COVID-19 vaccine. 

In the same vein, if you are conversant with the CDC, you would know Anthony Fauci is the appointed leader of the CDC. The first variation Miniter and his friend pinpointed was stating the administration is forcing the vaccine on the members of the American public.

Most recently, President Biden issued a mandate that public officers are compelled to take the COVID-19 vaccine and show evidence of taking it. Otherwise, they lose their jobs. 

For a Democrat who claims his party’s ideology is the redistribution of wealth and granting of power to the people, Biden’s mode of stating the vitality of the vaccine is a little autocratic.

The position of Frank Miniter about Biden’s stance is if Biden can compel Americans on what they need to allow into their bodies, he could force them to do anything else. This goes against the system of freedom Democrats claim they promote. 

Faith and the Ideology of Democrats

There are so many ways in which Republicans vary from Democrats. In Frank Miniter’s words, he stated Democrats seem to feel the power of the state and the needs of the people are secondary.

They think faith is more significant. Besides, one piece of evidence pointing towards this is Biden choosing to meet the Pope in secret, instead of solving the many issues in the United States.

By default, Republicans allow typical Americans to come to terms with the fact they can elect to do whatever is suitable to them. That’s applicable, be it in terms of religion, the kind of job you want to do, or your usage of your private property.

Biden and the Democrats’ newest move on the COVID-19 vaccine mandate makes it clear Democrats are mild totalitarian aggrandizers. They merely come in under the guise of peacemakers because that is what Americans want to listen to.

The typical administrative devices used by Democrats include red-tapism and bureaucracy. Fair is indeed foul with Democrats, and the effect is what we suffer as a country today.