Winter is Coming: With Skyrocketing Prices, How Are Americans Going to Heat Their Homes?

Temperatures are falling and Americans are worried. They have a right to be worried, as energy prices are higher than at almost any time in the past.

The war in Ukraine is only making it worse, as Russia cuts down its supply of natural gas to Europe and global prices go up. How will Americans heat their homes?

The Chilly Reality

The current reality is as winter approaches, there is no cozy fireplace in sight. Energy prices are only predicted to keep rising; government help through subsidies might not be enough to make a difference.

Some Americans have been saving heating oil when possible, but the awful truth is some families are going to be stuck between choosing food or heat this winter.

Is this truly what the world’s most powerful country has become? A place where working families with children, senior citizens, and others need to make a choice between filling their bellies or shivering in the dark?

It’s discouraging, to say the least; the global situation, including the war in Ukraine and Biden’s cut back on US domestic energy production and supply, has only made it worse.

As Congressman Steve Scalise recently pointed out, Biden isn’t giving oil companies permits to drill, even as Americans begin to worry about literally freezing their toes off.

At the same time, oil companies and their corporate greed are also definitely factors. It isn’t only one or the other: it’s both the government’s incompetence, green energy obsession, and the oil giants’ profit-seeking over providing as much energy as possible.

Highest Prices in a Decade

These are set to be the highest energy prices in a decade and that’s a serious problem. We are reaching a true crisis point with the Biden-Harris regime and their detachment from the situation faced by regular people.

Heating prices are going to go up 28% for most people this winter. When you add that with inflation, you have a genuinely upsetting picture of what the winter will be like for people’s wallets and for their warmth.

For its part, Congress put through a LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program) funding package of an additional $1 billion in September and the total package is nearly $5 billion.

Though this still ends up getting stretched very thin when it comes down to the number of people who need help heating their apartments, homes, and trailers this winter.

The Bottom Line

More attention needs to be paid to the situation faced by ordinary people. Something as simple as heating your living space is no longer a given for many people.

As our government shells out billions on alternative energy projects and arming Ukraine, we should also be looking at how to keep our own citizens from freezing this winter!

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.