“Woke” Canadian Professor Tattles on Flight Attendant

"flight attendant" by Bernal Saborio

A very distinguished Canadian professor, Amir Attaran, seems to have lost his cool on a United Airlines flight.

He decided to take several photos of a flight attendant without her permission, following them up with a lengthy, unhinged tweet about mask policies.

The professor, who is part of Ottawa’s School of Epidemiology and Health, decided to nitpick on details with the airline company.

He claimed United Airlines is breaking the law which states masks are required on all flights out of Canada, almost as if the law wasn’t obsoleted by the recent positive developments in fighting the pandemic.

“Disposible Blue Face Masks” by Cindy Shebley

Some people didn’t get the memo yet

Furthermore, the photographed attendant was located in the common spaces reserved for flight staff, making his complaints completely out of place.

Unfortunately, saving face comes first when you’re a large company in 2022. The wrath of a Twitter mob can destroy one’s standing in a matter of days, so United responded, claiming they will deal with the issue promptly.

However, as it turned out, the flight attendant wasn’t even to blame for this victimless crime.

Attaran spoke to her after the flight, learning the company “misinforms their crew,” which was likely her way out of getting publicly shamed by the COVID-crazed professor.

He then followed up his original post with another tweet, calling for United Airlines to be banned from flying to and from Canada, while also tagging Canada’s minister of transportation and a slurry of liberal media outlets.

Infamous Ottawa professor slams American gun policies

After his pointless rant against United Airlines, Attaran decided it’s likely for the best to find a new target, this time focusing on America’s Republican Party and blaming them for the country’s sky-high COVID death rates.

He then went as far as ridiculing the entire country, claiming US laws are to blame for the death rate being three times higher than that of Canada, ultimately calling every single US citizen an as****e.

If anything, this is no way for an academic to be presenting himself, on social media or elsewhere. If the Ottawa University has a sliver of self-respect, they’ll be sanctioning Attaran for his behavior.

Once he was done throwing around slurs and blaming everyone and their mother for the COVID-19 pandemic, the professor decided it was time to do the standard “woke” procedure of criticizing American gun policies.

In the insensitive tweets that followed, he made fun of countless victims of shootings in the US.

Attaran said gun safety in the US is the sole reason he emigrated from California, almost as if Canada didn’t just experience a massive pistol buyout, due to PM Trudeau’s misstep.

After being called out for trying to get a service worker fired, Attaran quipped back at the Twitter user who pointed it out, shaming them for their financial status.


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