Woke Policies Root Themselves in the US Army

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The political left is infamous for doing everything in its power to destroy traditional US values. This time, they’re going after our troops, enforcing primitive work conditions and dozens of liberal policies where they don’t belong.

Namely, the US Army recently received instructions regarding communal showers.

Service workers in the Army will now be required to shower alongside their opposite-sex transgender colleagues, including the portion of those who have yet to undergo surgical transitioning.

“iraq” by The U.S. Army

Democrats destroying the US from the inside out

This absurd notion can be traced back to June 2021.

The Biden administration issued an executive order allowing transgender individuals to serve in the Army, overruling a Trump-era policy that prevented them from doing so.

This radical change now allows US Army troops to change their gender markers at will.

This can happen by filing an application with the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System, otherwise known as DEERS, so long as they’re medically certified to be stable in their self-identified gender.

Right after the policy was implemented though, the Army secretary immediately altered the training regimen in order to be more inclusive to these individuals.

In fact, mandatory training now includes a presentation with a slide dedicated to instructions regarding interactions with transitioning individuals in common spaces reserved for one gender, such as showers, barracks, and bathrooms.

Easily exploitable policies

The presentation then explains a female transitioning to male can immediately begin using the male barracks and other common spaces, regardless of their transitioning status.

This is requiring other soldiers to accept primitive working conditions with next to no privacy.

Additionally, this means both male and female soldiers will be encountering individuals with the opposite gender’s genitalia in these common spaces. Despite the absurdity of the concept, everyone’s expected to comply with it.

Moreover, US Army personnel who refuse to adhere to these “equal opportunity” policies will be penalized under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

However, no one dared suggest that transgender individuals adjust their own behavior in order to “match” that of the other soldiers, despite the fact they make up a small minority of the overall US population.

The slides that followed contained further instructions for Army Commanders and leaders to make the military environment more welcoming to transgender folk.

What’s more, the new policy makes it so a qualified soldier can’t be discharged or denied reenlistment on the basis of gender identity.

This will undoubtedly be exploited by the members of the LGBTQ population looking to retain their status as a US Army service worker.

Leftist policies are well on their way to destroying the most sacred thing this country has and what made it the greatest force in the history of mankind.