Young Woman Murdered Horribly in American Crime Hotspot

Allison Rice was a 21-year-old student attending Louisiana State University. She is no longer with us after being found dead by her father, Paul, in the early hours of Friday.

Rice is the victim of a crime wave devastating this country, thanks in part to lax bail laws pushed by the left and the cratering economy after the pandemic.

Her father is beside himself with grief, like so many other parents and loved ones are every day in this country. They are victims of vicious criminals and the growing drugs and violence that are plaguing this nation.

What Happened?

According to her dad, Allison just had very bad luck. She was found early Friday riddled with bullets on her body and car in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The capital has been plagued by more and more violence. Allison is the latest victim of the out-of-control problem.

Local police believe Allison may have been stopping to cross train tracks around 2:30 in the morning at the time that a gunman or gunmen accosted her and fired six rounds into her vehicle, fatally wounding her.

As her father said, he believes Allison was simply in the “wrong” place at an unlucky time that cost her her life. This is America in 2022; things like this are happening more and more.

The Night Before

The night before the crime, on Thursday, September 15, Allison had gone out drinking with his friends in Baton Rouge’s mid-city neighborhood.

Allison was in the prime of her life, having just recently turned 21, and was set to graduate in marketing this coming May. There were no security cameras at the scene of the crime, which is making it harder to solve.

Her father now has to arrange her funeral when the whole family was looking forward to a bright future instead. It’s all just so wrong; it’s something no dad should ever have to go through.

Growing Crime

Baton Rouge is a dangerous place. They also have a fast-surging homicide rate, with 81 murders in 2019 and up to 149 in 2021. That’s a big jump; it tracks with many patterns of growing crime in the post-pandemic American landscape.

The rhetoric of defunding the police and anti-police riots of 2020 also fed a lot into the emboldening of criminals and reoffenders who get out of jail, then shoot, rape, and steal with impunity.

This needs to be solved by making bail much higher, prosecuting crimes more strictly, defeating leftist rhetoric at the ballot box, and encouraging young women like Allison to be armed at all times and stay away from dangerous areas.

There is just too much that can go wrong; it’s not worth sacrificing a young life on the altar of degenerate criminals.

Rest in Peace

Say her name: Allison Rice! We will not forget.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.