Idaho Quadruple Murder Case Closer to Solved As Evidence Emerges


A quadruple murder in Moscow, Idaho has devastated and scared the community as questions keep growing about who was responsible for the gruesome crime.

Now police are announcing a breakthrough in the case.

Last month, on November 13, four college students, from the University of Idaho, were brutally murdered with knife wounds found all over their bodies.

The University of Idaho murder victims were named as Ethan Chapin, Xana Kernodle, Kaylee Goncalves and Madison Mogen, all in their early 20s.

What’s the Breakthrough?

On this Tuesday, December 20, authorities confirmed that the Hyundai vehicle they believed may have been linked with Oregon plates has no connection to a crime in Idaho.

Close to the date of the crime, a white Hyundai Elantra was sighted near the university, near the house that belonged to the murdered students.

The Moscow Police Department, responsible for investigating the crime, is committed to finding the people responsible for the students’ deaths.

But they have ruled out the possibility that the Hyundai was involved at the scene, although it matches the description of the vehicle sighted on the day of the murders.

The owner of the vehicle was interviewed by police in Eugene, Oregon and found to have no connection.

According to the owner of Hyundai, his car was involved in an accident, so it was in a well-damaged state and was not possible to have been the suspicious vehicle sighted at the time near the murders.

Case Progresses

After talking to the owner of the vehicle, Oregon police contacted the Moscow Police Department to notify that Hyundai was not the suspicious car seen on the day of the crime.

Police have discovered that Hyundai has a record in Colorado County and that the owner has no relation to the murders.

After that, the authorities also made a request to the public to stop bothering the owner of Hyundai.

The police department is being heavily criticized for having no concise leads on the suspects in the brutal crime against students.

James Fry, Moscow’s police chief, spoke out after the criticism.

Fry said his team has extensive experience and will continue to search for those responsible for the deaths of young college students. And that the law will do justice to the criminals.

FBI Involved

The case also has the help of the FBl.

The family of one of the victims said they believe and trust that the Moscow police will solve the case, and that the criminals will pay for what they did.

However, the FBI and Moscow police have differing lines regarding the investigation.

The police have received thousands of tips about the case, which has made investigation guidelines even more difficult and confusing.

Fry said his team is competent and able to solve the case but as it gets harder to separate real leads from rumors and gossip the police certainly have a hard case on their hands.