House Intelligence Chair: U.S. Facing Highest Terror Threat Levels Due to Open Borders


In a recent alarming statement, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner (R-OH) highlighted that the United States is facing unprecedented levels of potential terrorist threats, attributing this escalation to the Biden administration's border policies. This assertion underscores the increasing concerns about national security amid rising geopolitical tensions and border vulnerabilities.

Turner pointed to the significant increase in illegal border crossings, noting that many individuals entering the U.S. are of military age and from regions with known terrorist activities. This influx has raised fears that the nation's porous borders could be exploited by terrorist groups to infiltrate and conduct attacks on American soil​​.

FBI Director Christopher Wray echoed these concerns during a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing, warning that the ongoing conflict in the Middle East has heightened the terrorism threat level in the U.S. He emphasized that groups like Hamas could inspire or directly carry out attacks within the country. Wray also mentioned the persistent danger posed by domestic violent extremists, adding another layer of complexity to the current threat landscape​​.

Adding to the gravity of the situation, a coalition of 25 Republican governors, led by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, has voiced strong support for stringent border security measures.

Abbott has even invoked Texas' constitutional right to self-defense, declaring the border crisis an "invasion" and calling for increased National Guard deployment to curb illegal entries​​.

Former FBI officials have issued a sobering letter to Congressional leaders, describing the current state of U.S. national security as "dramatically diminished." They warned of the risks posed by the large numbers of unvetted migrants, many of whom evade capture and potentially harbor malicious intent. This scenario, they argue, presents a clear and present danger to American citizens​​.

Further compounding these issues, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have issued warnings about possible terrorist threats to public gatherings, particularly during high-profile events like Pride Month. The agencies highlighted that both foreign terrorist organizations, such as ISIS, and domestic extremists could exploit these gatherings to carry out attacks​​.

The current administration's policies have drawn sharp criticism from various quarters, with lawmakers and security experts calling for urgent action to bolster border security and mitigate the looming threats. As the nation grapples with these security challenges, the debate over immigration and border control is likely to intensify, with significant implications for both national security and civil liberties.


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