McDonald’s Faces Backlash for Supporting Israeli Troops Amid Conflict


McDonald’s has found itself in the midst of controversy.

The company announced via an Instagram story that it had been donating “tens of thousands of meals” across Israel over the past few days. This act of goodwill, however, was met with widespread criticism and calls for boycotts.

The donations were made to hospitals and troops of the Israeli Defence Forces amid the ongoing conflict with Hamas. The announcement was made by the fast food chain’s Israeli franchise on Instagram.

According to the post, McDonald’s donated and continues to donate meals to IDF units, the police, hospitals, residents around the Strip, and all rescue forces. They also offered a 50% discount to soldiers and security forces who visit their branches.

However, this act of support for the Israeli troops was not well-received by many. Social media users took to various platforms to express their disapproval.

Some pointed out the suffering of people in Gaza without electricity and water while Israeli soldiers were being provided free meals by McDonald’s. Others called it a “gross act” and expressed their disappointment in the company.

In response to the backlash, McDonald’s Pakistan issued a statement distancing itself from its branch and operations in Israel.

The statement clarified that McDonald’s in Pakistan is a local enterprise, with full ownership and operation overseen by SIZA Foods Pvt. Ltd. Pakistan, and is not affiliated with McDonald’s operations in Israel.

Meanwhile, pro-Palestinian groups reportedly attacked a McDonald’s outlet in Sidon, Lebanon following the announcement in support of the Israeli army. McDonald’s Lebanon affirmed the position of other franchisees in other countries does not represent the views or positions of McDonald’s Lebanon.

Furthermore, McDonald’s franchises in Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, UAE, and Turkey issued statements in support of Gaza. 

The conflict between Israel and Hamas has ultimately resulted in significant loss of life and property. According to reports, since the conflict erupted on October 7, at least 2,215 Palestinians, including 724 children, have been killed in Gaza, as per Hamas officials.

At least 1,300 people have been killed in Israel over the same period, the majority of them in Hamas’s attack last week, according to Israeli officials. Amid such a volatile situation, the actions of corporations like McDonald’s can have far-reaching implications.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.


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