New Jersey Investigates Trump Liquor Licenses Amid Legal Challenges


In a significant legal development, New Jersey authorities have initiated an investigation into liquor licenses held by properties associated with former President Donald Trump. This move adds to the growing number of legal challenges facing Trump and his business empire.

New Jersey’s investigation is part of a broader effort to scrutinize the former president's compliance with state regulations. The state’s Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) is reportedly examining whether Trump’s properties, including the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, have adhered to all relevant liquor licensing laws. This probe is taking place in the context of New Jersey's recent overhaul of its liquor licensing system, which aims to modernize and streamline regulations that have been in place since Prohibition​​.

The state’s new liquor laws, signed by Governor Phil Murphy earlier this year, address longstanding issues related to inactive and pocket licenses. These reforms require license holders to either use their licenses or sell them if they have remained inactive for two consecutive licensing terms. This change is expected to inject over 1,300 additional licenses into the market, significantly increasing accessibility and fostering economic growth​​.

Governor Murphy emphasized that the overhaul aims to support small businesses and rejuvenate local economies by eliminating bureaucratic obstacles and reducing the high costs associated with obtaining liquor licenses. The new law also introduces specific provisions for shopping malls and craft alcohol producers, allowing them greater flexibility and operational capabilities​.

The investigation into Trump’s liquor licenses comes amid a series of legal and financial challenges for the former president. Trump has faced numerous investigations, including criminal probes into his business practices and civil lawsuits alleging financial misconduct. These legal battles have intensified since he left office, with prosecutors and regulators scrutinizing various aspects of his extensive business operations​.

The outcome of New Jersey’s investigation could have significant implications for Trump’s business interests in the state. If violations are found, the properties could face penalties, including fines or the revocation of their liquor licenses. Such actions would further complicate Trump’s efforts to maintain and expand his business ventures amid ongoing legal scrutiny.

As the investigation proceeds, it underscores the broader trend of increased regulatory and legal pressures on Trump and his businesses. This case highlights the intersection of legal accountability and business operations, particularly for high-profile figures with significant political and economic influence.

For now, the focus remains on whether Trump’s properties in New Jersey have adhered to the updated liquor licensing requirements. The results of this probe will be closely watched, given the potential ramifications for Trump’s business empire and the broader landscape of regulatory enforcement in the state​.


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