Poll: Majority of Americans Doubt Biden’s Mental Fitness


A recent CBS News poll has ignited a heated debate about whether President Joe Biden should be running for re-election in 2024, focusing on his mental abilities and overall fitness for office. The poll reveals that a significant majority of Americans have serious concerns about Biden's mental fitness, with more than 60% of respondents expressing doubts.

This sentiment spans across political affiliations, with 69% of Democrats under 45 and 66% of men without college degrees indicating their worries. These concerns are echoed by 7 in 10 independents and predictably, over 80% of Republicans​​.

The concerns about Biden’s mental acuity are not new but have gained more traction as he campaigns for a second term at the age of 81. Many voters are questioning his ability to handle the rigorous demands of the presidency, citing his frequent gaffes and perceived cognitive decline as significant issues. This skepticism is reflected in another poll by NBC News, where 68% of respondents admitted having "some concerns" about Biden's mental fitness, and 55% having "major concerns"​​.

Adding to the controversy, the poll also highlights that only a small fraction of Americans, just 18%, believe Biden should seek another term. This low level of support is driven by fears that his age and mental condition could impair his ability to lead effectively. The poll’s findings suggest that a substantial portion of the electorate is looking for fresh leadership, with many advocating for Biden to step aside for a younger candidate​.

Interestingly, these concerns aren't limited to President Biden. Former President Donald Trump, who is also in his late 70s, faces similar doubts about his mental capabilities. However, the intensity of scrutiny appears sharper for Biden, possibly due to the higher stakes of an incumbent president running for re-election. A combined 63% of respondents from an AP-NORC poll expressed lack of confidence in the mental fitness of both Biden and Trump​​.

The issue of age and mental fitness has become a central theme in the upcoming election cycle, with debates intensifying over whether the nation should be led by septuagenarian and octogenarian leaders. Critics argue that the presidency demands sharp mental acuity and robust health, which may be compromised at such advanced ages. Proponents of this view stress the need for a younger generation to take the reins to address contemporary challenges more effectively.

Despite these growing concerns, Biden's administration continues to project confidence in his capabilities. His supporters argue that experience and wisdom come with age, asserting that Biden's long political career equips him with the necessary skills to navigate complex political landscapes. They also point to his legislative successes and diplomatic efforts as evidence of his continued competence.

In contrast, some political analysts suggest that these polls could influence Biden’s campaign strategy, potentially leading to increased visibility of his public engagements to counteract perceptions of cognitive decline. The administration might also emphasize his achievements and policy initiatives to reassure voters of his leadership qualities.


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