Jill Biden Accidentally Goes on Bizarre Racist Rant


The Democrat Party has gone to great lengths to brand itself as the party of racial justice and minorities.

They name-drop Martin Luther King Jr. as much as possible and constantly accuse the Republican Party of racism and ignorance.

The liberal media repeats this narrative and has on leftist politicians who continue the trend, falsely accusing Republicans of suppressing the minority vote and other propaganda.

However, if you look beneath the surface at what’s actually happening, you will clearly see deep veins of disturbing racism running through today’s left and the Biden regime.

This recently came on full display when first lady Jill Biden literally said Latino Americans are special like tacos. Yes, she actually said that.

Jill Biden Goes Full Clown

Jill Biden, who so far remained a fairly popular first lady, made a complete fool of herself on Monday at a Latino event called the “LatinX IncluXion” lunch.

The name of this event is absolutely ridiculous, especially since only 1% of Latinos polled agree with being called the made-up word “LatinX.”

In any case, Jill Biden decided to go on a little worship fest about Hispanics in America, saying they are very diverse like “bodegas” in New York City, flowers in Miami, and “breakfast tacos” in Texas.

It’s also worth noting that Jill completely bungled the pronunciation of bodegas, sounding like a backwards idiot.

Texts between Hunter Biden and Jill have recently leaked in which the drug-addled man and prostitute aficionado calls her a “f–king moron.” Unfortunately, this taco comment doesn’t do much to alleviate that claim.

In what way are Latino Americans similar to tacos? How does comparing an entire ethnic group to a breakfast item in any way recognize them or respect them? It’s ridiculous, and it’s classic Biden family-style stuff.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Biden himself eulogized at the funeral of former leading KKK member Senator Robert Byrd and made numerous deeply racist comments throughout his political career. He clearly does not believe non-white Americans are equal to white Americans.

He once said black students are just as smart as “white kids.” Biden recently went on a tangent about how a black man he was talking about looked like he was a “basketball player” due to his ethnicity.

Biden is a classic white liberal, tokenizing black people and believing they are some kind of political totem or genie that he can rub to win elections.

Biden pretends to respect black history when really he clearly longs for the days before America had equal rights for all.

It’s disgusting and incredibly racist, right on par with the behavior of the worst racists of the slaveholding days, who infantilized black people and often treated them in condescending and mocking ways.

Biden and his family, such as Jill, are supremely patronizing and stereotypical of non-white people. How is that not racist?


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