WATCH: Louisiana Cops Arrested for Horrific Crime Against Black Driver


Big charges came down on Thursday for five police officers in Farmerville, Lousiana.

The charges relate to the 2019 of a black man named Ronald Greene, who died horrifically after a traffic stop.

All of this came to light due to video of Greene’s death emerging which shows the truth about what happened.

What Happened?

On May 19, 2019 police near Monroe, Louisiana spotted a driver who had done something that broke traffic rules. They began following him and signaled for the driver to pull over.

He did not do so and sped up to get away from them, eventually reaching speeds of 115 miles per hour.

Greene died on that day, and officers said he’d tragically had a car accident and passed away as a result.

However his family was convinced there was more to the story and kept digging, eventually unturning body camera video that showed five white officers viciously assaulting and beating the man to death on the pavement and leaving him for dead (which he was).

In a political climate where the death of George Floyd made such a hysteria despite his long criminal history and drug use, it’s surprising that Greene’s awful death only got a small amount of attention after the Associated Press began reporting on the case.

Horrific Video

In the horrific body camera footage, Greene can be heard saying he’s sorry and begging for his life as he’s tased, beaten and dragged by his ankles by officer Kory York on the side of the road in northeastern Louisiana.

York shoved Greene down on the ground for over nine minutes with his foot, preventing him from breathing properly, and contributing to his eventual death on that day after being helped by paramedics.

York has now been hit with a charge of negligent homicide.

Greene’s mom says the events of that day resulting in “indictments” are good news for sure, but she won’t feel any more satisfied until actual punishments start being handed down, including for the coverup itself.

Four other officers are also being charged with obstruction of justice and wrongdoing, including one who lied about the body camera video and another who escalated the situation with Greene by making him appear to be resisting more than he was.


Louisiana police director Lamar Davis has called the case “unacceptable” and said that he and the whole state police are trying hard to rebuild bridges that were burned with various communities because of crimes like this.

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards has also said that there is “no excuse” for how the video of the crime was not released until last year when AP News got the footage and published it.

It shows officers brutally assaulting Greene including punching him in the face as he yells that he’s their “brother” and is “scared,” begging them to stop.

The five charged are York, as mentioned, in addition to John Clary, Dakota DeMoss, Christopher Harpin, John Peters who tried to hide what had happened. The sixth individual, Master Trooper John Hollingsworth can’t be charged since he died in car accident in 2020.

Hollingsworth can be seen on video bragging about smashing the “ever living f–k” out of Greene. Hollingsworth was buried with full honors following his death in 2020.

Rest in Peace, Ronald

What a tragic and senseless death. These officers deserve to face the full force of the law.