15-Year-Old Drone Master Defeats Entire Tank Columns of Russian Invaders

(Global News video snapshot shows young Ukrainian hero Andrii Pokrasa who helped defeat entire Russian tank columns)

A 15-year-old, who is a drone wunderkind, has become an incredibly valuable asset for freedom-loving Ukraine.

The young man has been instrumental in the destruction of entire tank columns by the Russian invaders.

Right Young Man at the Right Time

Andrii Pokrasa, who lives in a town close to the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, has been aiding the defense of his nation.

The 15-year-old, who had been known as a highly-skilled pilot of a consumer mini-drone since last year, was actually approached shortly after the invasion began by the Ukrainian Territorial Defense.

Pokrasa was asked to help them discover the location of a vast Russian tank convoy that was threatening Ukraine’s capital from the west, approaching the E40 highway between Kyiv and the city of Zhitomir, according to a report by Canada-based Global News.

The young man immediately went into the field in the evening. He managed to snap photos of the Russian invaders’ column and their GPS coordinates, which were then sent to the Ukrainian military.

The report recounts how defenders of Ukraine were so impressed with the work that they recruited the 15-year-old permanently as they keep fighting against Russian aggressors.

Pokrasa was then assigned the controls of a military-grade, longer-range drone of an unspecified brand.

The report cites Yurii Kasjanov, the head of the Ukrainian Territorial Defense unit who recruited the high school student as describing him as “a real hero,” as well as a “hero of Ukraine.”

Kasjanov pointed out Pokrasa was the only person in that region of Ukraine to have been “experienced with drones” at a time when his nation so badly needed his help.

(Social media video snapshot shows the prom dance of Ukrainian high school graduates against the backdrop of their destroyed school in Kharkiv)

‘Very, Very Scary’

The young hero himself is quoted as describing the entire experience of helping fight off Russian invaders as “very, very scary.”

Yet, he was unwavering in his will to defend his hometown and nation from the vicious attack of Putin’s brutes.

His job was to “find the exact coordinates” and give them “to the soldiers.” The 15-year-old said Ukrainian troops “targeted the location” of the Russian tanks as soon as he and his father supplied them with the needed coordinates and photos.

Another remarkable way in which young Ukrainians defied the viciousness of Putin invaders was a high school prom performance held by graduates. This came amid the ruins of their high school destroyed by Russian bombardments.

The graduates of School No. 134 in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, which barely survived the Russian invasion, keep getting targeted.

They performed formal dances under the watch of heavily armed Ukrainian military troops in a highly significant gesture of defying the evil of Putin’s Russia.




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