Dems Get Bigger Senate Majority after Trump Ally Defeated in Georgia Runoff


The Democratic Party is going to have a bigger majority in the US Senate than it does at the moment after Democrat incumbent US Senator Raphael Warnock defeated challenger Herschel Walker, a Trump ally, in Georgia’s runoff election this week.

Dems Doing Better – Except They Lost the House

Democrat pastor Raphael Warnock, who first became a member of the US Senate in January 2021 after winning a by-election, overwhelmed former NFL star Walker in Tuesday’s vote by winning 51.4% of the votes cast, or 1,815,000 votes.

Walker remained second with 48.6% of the vote, and 1,719,000 votes, as per the final results.

Warnock’s victory has solidified the slight Democratic Party majority in the US Senate, as the Democrats will have 51 Senators in the new Congress compared with 49 Republicans.

The current lame-duck Senate is divided 50:50, but the Democrats still hold a majority through Biden veep Kamala Harris’s tie-breaking vote in her capacity as president of the federal legislature’s upper chamber.

Great News For Dems

The US Senate race win in Georgia will not only strengthen the Democrats’ majority in the chamber but will also give them a majority on committees, allowing them to get through legislation more easily.

At the same time, however, the Republicans retook the US House of Representatives, so even with their newfound slightly bigger Senate majority, the Democrats would have a more challenging time passing laws through Congress.

The report described Warnock’s triumph over Walker in the Georgia runoff as a “major boon” to Democrat President Joe “Multiple Crises” Biden as the 2022 midterms have been a “rare gain” for a president in office.

At the same time, according to The Daily Mail, the GOP has had a “horrible midterm season” since the widely anticipated “red wave” never happened at the 2022 election.


‘What a Mess,’ Trump Says

Former President Donald Trump reacted strongly to the news about Herschel Walker’s loss in Georgia, as wrote on Truth Social that America “is in big trouble.”

“What a mess!” Trump added in all caps.

The Associated Press called the Georgia runoff in favor of Sen. Raphael Warnock at 10:30 pm on Tuesday. 

About a half-an-hour later, Republican challenger Herschel Walker gave a press conference at Atlanta’s College Football Hall of Fame, conceding his loss as he still congratulated his supporters for “putting up” a significant fight. 

Walker declared he didn’t want to make any excuses about losing to Warnock. Meanwhile, his wokeist son Christian Walker, who had turned against his father during the election campaign, celebrated his loss in a social media post. 

Warnock himself gave a victory speech at his headquarters in Atlanta shortly after his rival conceded. However, he claimed that there was still voter suppression going on in Georgia despite his own win.

The reelected Democrat also went after GOP election officials who had insisted that state law was banning early voting on the Thanksgiving weekend Saturday.

Warnock declared further that his victory was thanks to a “multi-racial, multi-religious coalition of conscience.”