Europe Goes EVEN HARDER on Leftist Gun Control


Germany is one of those countries that thinks it’s much better than it actually is, especially in the last decade.

They are self-righteous beyond belief, and have laughed and thumbed their nose at Americans whenever we tried to warn them about their mistakes.

A recent example was former President Trump warning Germany not to get hooked on Russian oil and empower Putin. They ignored and laughed at him and are now begging for Russian oil while Vladimir Putin’s troops ravage across Ukraine for the past year.

Another example is gun control: Germany has learned nothing from its past and now wants to take even more guns away.

Yes, seriously.

A ‘Far Right’ Plot

At the moment, Germany’s liberal media is going into overdrive. This is because a supposed “coup” was just stopped involving 25 ex-military and “far right” individuals.

These men reportedly were stockpiling weapons and planning to storm the German parliament and seize power.

Their group called itself the German Citizens Movement and believed that the modern leftist German state is not the real Germany.

Germany’s Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser said that the movement was not just a blip on the radar and had to be taken very seriously considering it jumped from around 2,000 members to 23,000 known members in the last year.

That’s definitely a big rise, and curious investigators might want to look into what might prompt ordinary Germans to be joining “far right” movements and whether it might have anything to do with the liberal government’s extremist actions and restrictions during the pandemic.

Germany Wants Your Guns

As in many other cases similar to this, we have seen how a crisis is used to justify restricting gun rights.

Germany already has some of the world’s strictest gun regulations, but the government is now announcing even further restrictions in the wake of this alleged plot.

It remains unclear in terms of the logic. Why would a group of aspiring revolutionaries care about whether the weapons they are stockpiling are legal or illegal?

Regardless, Faeser says “maximum pressure” to seize weapons will be used and that Germany’s gun laws will be made even stricter than they already are.

At this point it’s started by taking guns away from the Citizen movement, including 1,000 seizures that have already been done, but now much broader sweeps are going to take place.

There are still an estimated 500 more members of the group who are legally holding weapons and will have them removed, according to Faeser.

The Bottom Line

Doesn’t Germany remember what happened the last time it restricted guns? This is a dark road to go down, but it’s one that the left seems determined to pursue.

Furthermore, how does removing legal weapons from conspirators stop them from containing to try to obtain illegal weapons?

The logic is just not there, and this gun grab looks very misguided.