Arizona GOP Governor Takes STAND On Southern Border


Arizona is one of the main frontline states that’s been dealing with the border crisis.

Even though Joe Biden and his Homeland Security Chief Alejandro Mayorkas have mainly ignored what’s going on, residents and Arizona’s GOP Governor Doug Ducey want actual solutions.

For Ducey, this means putting up a border wall by stacking shipping containers, especially along the vulnerable eastern flank of Arizona’s border.

Now Ducey is facing increasing controversy and criticism for his actions.

Shipping Containers for Border Security?

Stopping the flow of drugs, illegal immigrants, weapons and cartel profiteers from getting around the US border is a tall order.

But Ducey has been stepping up efforts to stack two shipping containers on top of each other all along large areas of the border.

The problem for him is that he leaves office in a few weeks and incoming Democrat Governor Katie Hobbs has said it’s a bad decision and a waste of time.

It’s more than likely she’ll be taking down these shipping containers, and she’s also actually suggested these would work better to turn into housing for poor people.

Although she doesn’t know the “cost,” Hobbs said that turning these into affordable housing somewhere else strike her as the best use of the shipping containers.

Yes, she actually said it.

Meanwhile environmentalists are decrying the Ducey administration for putting the shipping containers in the highly biodiverse wild areas of the Huachuca Mountains and interrupting the ecosystem.

Ongoing Border Battle

Biden and Ducey have been in an ongoing border battle for over a year now and it’s escalated in recent months.

Ducey has now upped the ante by moving in these shipping containers and says he is “not backing down.”

Arizona conservatives are especially worried about the border, and defeated GOP Governor candidate Kari Lake promised she’d send state Guard troops to the border her first day in office.

People want real solutions, not talk, and Ducey’s border wall of shipping containers that started this summer has been one way he tried to provide that to Arizona folks.

Despite the hundreds of containers and progress that is being made, it seems more than likely that this wall will be deconstructed for both environmental and territorial reasons, including Native American tribes who say it is cutting into their land.

However the situation raises serious concerns.

On the Borderline

If the left is so sure this shipping container border is crazy, what is their alternative? Is it just virtue signaling?

Because even many centrist residents of states like Arizona will no longer swallow that kind of rhetoric.

They want real border protection, security, safety for their families and enforcement of the law.

Ducey may have overreached here, but at least he did something. What do you think? Should the shipping container wall stay up and be expanded or be taken down?