85% of Americans Don’t Think Biden’s Taking Nation in Right Direction


Notwithstanding all evidence to the contrary, it is not uncommon for the Biden administration to boast about how great it believes the US economy is doing.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, for example, says the president is currently “delivering” for the American public.

Meanwhile, gas prices are still very high; inflation and interest rates are growing, forcing Americans into greater amounts of financial instability.

The Biden administration has an explanation for each of these problems and more; however, it doesn’t change the very real crises that Americans are up against.

This explains why almost 90% of Americans can agree the United States is not on the right track, per The Blaze.

A Real Sign of the Times

A poll conducted by AP-NORC shows collective, overwhelming disapproval of not just the direction the United States is heading, but also in the job being done by Joe Biden.

While 85% agree the nation is not on the right track, only 14% of Americans said the opposite. Meanwhile, 57% fail to approve of Biden’s job performance; just 38% told AP-NORC that they do approve of how the president is doing thus far.

As it turns out, strong majorities of both Democrats (78%) and Republicans (92%) are in agreement that America is on the wrong course under the current leadership.

Biden’s been consistently getting lower and lower approval ratings as his presidency drags on. Meanwhile, the number of Americans who are concerned about inflation, gas prices, and the overall direction of the country continues to grow.

At the end of the day, the White House can claim the United States is thriving all it wants. Yet, the reality of everyday life for Americans will always carry more weight than politics with an agenda.

The New World Order?

Since Biden’s been in office, he’s specifically referenced a “new world order” that officials are apparently working towards.

Just earlier this week, one of the president’s advisers referenced a “liberal world order” during an interview.

These two incidents alone have raised questions about what real impact the Biden administration is trying to have on the country.

Some Americans have speculated that inflation and energy prices are being purposefully ramped up to crash the US economy and allow Democrats to remake it in their own image.

The current administration has taken a lot of heat for putting climate change reform above pressing initiatives that carry more weight with the everyday American. Thus far, there is little indication the current direction of the nation will change anytime soon.

What are your views about the current direction of the United States, especially under the present White House leadership? In the comments area down below, you’re more than welcome to sound off with your thoughts and feedback.


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