A Federal Suspension of the Gas Tax May Be Arriving Soon


Gas prices remain at the top of the list of Americans’ concerns these days. The costs of gas are not a joke; in fact, they could very well be a factor that causes the United States to undergo a recession.

The Biden administration has the power to reduce gas prices. It could easily get American energy independence up and running again with oil drilling, leases for oil/gas sales, and more.

However, because this is at odds with the left’s agenda of green energy and climate change, Biden will not make these policy changes.

Sadly, everyday Americans who are barely getting by are the ones suffering. Now, word has come out that Biden may be looking into a federal suspension of the gas tax, per Newsmax.

What to Know About a Possible Gas Tax Suspension

Across the country, various states have been putting moratoriums on their gas taxes; however, for the federal government to do this is an entirely different ballgame.

For one thing, Congress would have to vote for a federal suspension of this tax. This is not something the president could unilaterally do of his own volition.

However, Biden is set to sit down with lawmakers for talks about the issue. Some officials close to the president believe the gas tax should be suspended until the midterm elections are over.

Then, there are others who believe the federal gas tax ought to get put on ice until the Russians’ war against Ukraine is finally over.

The president and his allies continue to argue that high gas prices are because of Putin, notwithstanding the fact that prices surged well before the end of February.

Questionable Attitudes Towards Oil

Amid current gas prices, the president has been attacking oil companies for their lack of production. Meanwhile, Biden’s energy policies continue to remain at odds with high production levels.

The president has also made headlines for his plans to go to Saudi Arabia in a few weeks and beg its government officials for oil. Many Americans are infuriated by this since the United States possesses enough resources here at home to create our own oil.

Going to nations like Iran and Saudi Arabia for a supply that America can already generate is bad form for many people across this country.

If more oil were being produced in the United States, gas prices would be much lower. It’s not honest for this administration to blame gas prices on Putin, price gouging, or oil companies.

The facts simply don’t bear out the argument that Biden himself has no accountability for these rising costs.

Do you believe it would be a good idea to put through a federal gas tax suspension? Readers can let us know below in the comments feed.


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