Airbnb Permanently Puts Through Ban on Parties


Airbnb is used for travel accommodations all around the world. Many travelers have found that Airbnb is preferable to hotels, less costly, and provides better opportunities for getting to know locals across various communities.

However, despite the major popularity of Airbnb, one issue that’s come up is parties that are held at various residences on the platform.

In 2020, after COVID emerged, Airbnb put out a total prohibition on parties altogether. Now, the travel company has confirmed that the party ban is going to maintain indefinitely, as documented by Washington Examiner.

A New Change For All Travelers to Know About

Party houses, ones with both opened and closed invites, are now no longer permitted to take place at residences listed on Airbnb.

Originally, this stood as a COVID mitigation measure. However, in a new memo, Airbnb confirmed the ban on parties evolved into a greater strategy to protect hosts and the communities in which they live.

Airbnb likewise confirmed that since the prohibition was set in place, they witnessed notable declines in reports of parties. Apparently, the company has decided there’s no use in rolling back a policy that’s been far more effective than initially anticipated.

Last year, some Airbnb users tried to evade the prohibition of partying. This ultimately led to 6,600 people getting booted from the Airbnb platform altogether.

Enforcement Measures

Airbnb is not messing around when it comes to enforcement actions against partying.

A Neighborhood Support Line exists, as does a safety line that’s open 24 hours. With these tools in place, Airbnb hosts, guests, and neighbors in the community will be able to contact Airbnb about violators of this anti-partying rule.

The travel company’s decision to ban parties is also going over much better than some people might have thought. In the wake of this announcement on Tuesday, Airbnb’s shares actually increased, rather than decreasing.

With more people traveling, the use of Airbnb is certain to surge as well.

After the past two years, many folks have cabin fever and are eager to get out and about. Some people also need to travel for work purposes and could require an Airbnb for that reason alone.

Yesterday, news of Airbnb’s party prohibition becoming indefinite quickly made the rounds on various social media sites. Americans and others weighed in with their personal views about this policy and its larger impacts on the community of Airbnb.

What do you think about Airbnb putting its foot down and saying that a no-more-parties rule is going to be a permanent policy to use the platform? Do you believe its shares increase is a sign that most members of the community support this policy?

Be sure to let us know your opinions in the comments area.


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