Arizona Democrats Dishonor 4th of July Celebration

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The Pima County’s Democrat Party posted quite a disturbing message to their Facebook and Twitter accounts this week.

They disrespected the holiday that marks the birth of the United States and promoted a Women’s March set to happen on the same date.

They added they won’t be celebrating anything until they “get their independence back.” This is likely a shot at the Supreme Court’s latest decision to overturn the Roe v. Wade trademark decision.

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The birth of a nation

The Twitter post was taken down promptly after Leigh Wolf called Democrats out on their deceit, claiming they hate the 4th of July and every last one of America’s traditional values.

Unfortunately, the Facebook post is still live on the platform; although considering the social network’s gradual collapse and a sharp decline in usage, it likely won’t be causing too much harm there.

Although if they have a sliver of respect for this country left, they’ll remove it.

This is neither the first nor the last case of Democrats lashing out on social media after the Supreme Court’s decision to return abortion rulings to their respective states.

Soon enough, pro-life centers were vandalized. Protests surfaced, with a lot of them heading to the home addresses of the Supreme Court justices.

The angry mob even sent an armed assailant to Brett Kavanaugh’s house to murder him and potentially his wife and children.

A tongue-in-cheek apology

This goes to show exactly how unhinged the radical left has become. It won’t be a surprise to anyone if this escalates to protests and lootings, similar to those following the murder of criminal George Floyd in 2020.

As of today, Pima Democrats have issued an apology to all those impacted by their insensitive tweet.

They agree it was out of line and assured they will aim to do better from here on out; although they didn’t say a word about canceling the Reid Park Women’s March.

Despite the apology, they continued their “woke” narrative, urging Arizona citizens to “save their anger” for the victims of botched abortions to come.

They said Arizona isn’t a good place to be a woman right now, almost as if access to quick and easy abortion defines women for what they are.

Thankfully, there are still people able to see through the Democrats’ deceptive statements. One of them was KOLD-TV’s anchor Dave Marries, who pointed out Pima County Democrats never actually apologized for disrespecting a national holiday.

Others who got involved on Twitter quipped back at the Democrats’ post, mocking them for their tongue-in-cheek apology and claiming they did it solely because they hate America.

The notion isn’t that hard to believe either, if we look at their higher-ups and plans for the upcoming year.

We’re currently facing the mother of all recessions in 2023. Yet, Biden is throwing cash around like it grows on trees, promising hundreds of billions for unprofitable infrastructural and “woke” projects.


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